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--- Quote from: diorite on Sat, 21 October 2023, 06:49:21 ---So the set was scheduled to run in September… it’s now nearly November. Did this get pushed back or is it just dead in the water at this point? Any update would be great.

--- End quote ---

Due to manufacturing costs, the designer is currently switching over to DCX through Drop from GMK. Set is still planned to be produced afaik.

Oh my word. I just hope NorDeUK will remain then.
EDIT: And EU vendor. Pleeeease :-D

I personally won't buy this in DCX as I don't want to support Drop. However, for the good of the set overall switching manus was the right call. I hope for others' sake the transition to DCX won't mean Nordeuk is removed and/or that the kitting overall isn't changed much, but meh.

Greatly prefer GMK over DCX, but I understand the decision based on cost. Either way, this is a really awesome set and looking forward to seeing it come out. Any update on the release date?

Hey awesome community,

I'm back! Sorry for going MIA for a bit there. Life threw some stuff my way, but it's all sorted now, and I'm ready to roll with some cool updates.

So, here's the scoop: we had to shake things up a bit with the set. GMK was throwing some crazy prices at us, so we shifted gears and handed the set over to DCX. It's pretty much the same ABS material, though. And don't worry, vendors in other regions are still in the game, ready to sell the set.

Got some fresh kit renderings in the works too. They'll be swapping out the old ones ASAP.

Just to set the record straight – the set is alive and kicking. We're hustling behind the scenes to bring you some awesome stuff. Thanks for sticking around!




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