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Hi This is the Gater Ron supporter

917.1 IC page:
917.1 GB page:

Please read the above pages if you are not familiar with 917!

917 Gulf (Purple)

917 Martini (Yavin5)

917 Hippie (Funnycolorsman92)

Pricing: 20 Gulf units available at $590
MKUltra will not be involved in distribution, and I will personally facilitate fulfillment from inspection to shipment.
Expected shipping is August for June GB.

Hali did 3D modeling of this keyboard. I encourage you to use CAD service; the Hali is the best.
Sleepdealer designed the green PCB, which is the best color because Cute alligators like Ron are the same color

Special Colorways: 5 units of Salzburg ($760), 1 unit of Pink Pig ($980)
If there is no market interest in specials now, I will save them for Q4 23 or Q1 24.
These ones will be Cerakote from Mr Ellan's (Funnycolorsman92) Friend's Place in the respective liveries

Enjoy picture of Mittens

Please leave question if want More information
join Discord:

I bought one of the R1 boards and absolutely love it in every way!

I'm perfect.


--- Quote from: Kokaloo on Mon, 22 May 2023, 15:58:24 ---I'm perfect.

--- End quote ---
slay  :cool: :p :p :thumb:

Such a nice project, glad to see new units being made.

Also mittens looks very lovely in that photo.


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