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It's back! Tactile 2.0 Thread Here.

Just wanted to point out that this part of the zine is no longer being made. I'm no longer doing a subscription zine based on gh, the maker community, or keyboards. booper and I are working on one last project and I'll be moving Tactile towards a website/Instagram project based on photography. I'll have photo-zines and other things for sale. Unfortunately the new zines won't be free and there won't be a subscription. Please check out this post for more information about Tactile's future. And this post about the collaboration with booper.

Booper's amazing gif

Tactile FanzineWhat is this about?
I want a copy, how do I get one?
What is this thread for if it's a print zine
Where can I drop my feedback?
Where else can we find Tactile Zine content?
Volume Info

What is this?

I came up with this idea late late late one night at like 0400. If there are hardcore fanzines covering esoteric topics and interviews, why couldn't I adopt this for Geekhack? I've always wanted to showcase the DIY culture on Geekhack. Making Stuff Together and DIY is something that continues to keep me reading the forums. For me it's the most important aspect of Geekhack. Even though I post a lot elsewhere, MST is my favorite forum. Time to make it shine.

I've created Tactile Fanzine. It is a print-only DIY magazine or 'zine which I've created, written for, interviewed for, and done art work for. My goal is to create content covering Making Stuff Together and the DIY culture on Geekhack. By me, for us.

I don't really want to make this zine a supplement to Making Stuff Together and put guides in it. But I think by just having these suggested to me, means that the zine is already doing it's job. Turning people on to MST and the maker-culture here means people will contribute more to this sub-forum and DIY and building. I see this more of a spotlight and less of a supplement.

Each Volume will have a theme. For example, Volume One focuses on why the community likes the sub-forum and why we all should read it more. It also has some lovely interviews. For now I'll probably concentrate on interviews but this may change.

In true DIY fashion, the magazines are printed on regular office 8.5" x 11" sheets; folded in half and printed landscape. It's easiest for me to do it this way at the moment. Nothing glossy or fancy for now. I'm trying to make sure every Volume has a sticker with it as well.

This zine will always be in hard copy. I may make an accompaniment website but the main focus will be a hard copy. Don't ask me why this isn't a blog. That's not the goal of this project.

I'd interested, how can I get a copy?

TL:DR - "I want in" isn't helpful to me. Please help me help you and tell me exactly what you want. Then PM me your address. Thank you.

This is free. I'm offering:
1) A single copy of any Volume, past or present (you can get multiple past Volumes if you like)
2) A spot on the mailing list (you'll receive all future Volumes)
3) Both 1 and 2

If you join the mailing list, it's like a subscription to a regular magazine except you don't need to pay me. If you would just like a single Volume like just a copy of Volume 1, that's also an option. You could also get previous Volumes or current Volume and join the mailing list. Please just post in this thread or PM me and explicitly say what you'd like.

So yes you can get an older Vol like Vol 1 if you missed out the first few runs. I only print them in runs because it makes my life easier. But I can always print more of anything if you just tell me what you want.

Yes I will send these out internationally.

If this is print only, why is there this thread?

This thread will be a place where we can talk about the 'zine, contribute ideas, ask for copies, and show off pictures.

I'd really like to know what you all might want to see in the magazine and if you're interested in it at all.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, idea, hate mail, fan mail, etc please please please let me know. I really need feedback since I've never done something like this.

If you'd like to contribute or have ideas please let me know. I'm mainly looking for people who would want to write a little article the theme of the Volume, an article about their project or a project in general, and anyone who would want to contribute artwork.

You can contact me through PMs, email me tactile(no space)fanzine (at) gmail (dot) com, @mosh518 on Instagram, letter, or any other means. I'm easy.



I have been very fortunate enough to have people who have wanted to or have donated money. If you feel the urge to donate, please see the link below. I promise that all money donated will go directly to this project (probably towards stamps since they're $0.49 for CONUS and $1.20 for international) and you are more than welcome to donate *any* amount. With the increase in USPS costs, I am now more reliant on donations than ever before. Please consider donating. Please send the money as gift to If you're uncomfortable with gifting money to me, please use the donation link below. Keep in mind that Paypal takes a portion of these donations.

Please note that if you do decide to do a monthly donation, this shouldn't be looked at as a subscription. I cannot guarantee when a Volume comes out due to my job and other obligations. This explains further how your money is used.

Special thanks to anyone who has donated. I have something planned as a thank you.

My goal is to push out a Volume once a month. It took me about three weeks to go from the initial idea to printing twenty five Volume 1s. As of November 2015, it seems I've slowed to one Volume about every 2 months.

Where else can we find Tactile content?
Instagram = @mosh518 #TactileZine #keyboardspotting
Flickr = Tactile Zine

Volume Info


Making Stuff Together - Interviews with jdcarpe, Binge; intro CPTBadAss x HoffmanMyster

Run 1: Hand numbered with Geekhack x Tactile sticker. Editing mistake
Run 2: Fixed editing mistake
Run 3: Added date, available at Keycon Midwest 2015 (Chicago)

Foreigner Pride - Inteviews with metalliqaz, DrHubblePhD, LastPilot; Cover Art BlueNalgene x Coconut

Run 1: Available at Keycon Midwest 2015 (Chicago)
Later runs un-numbered because there were no changes. Printed as needed.

Cash Keyboards Rule Everything Around Me - Interviews with i3oilermaker, Noko, and Zeal; Cover Art BlueNalgene X Hydrospell; Sticker art by Hydrospell

Run 1: i3oilermaker intro misprint
Later runs un-numbered because there were no changes. Printed as needed.

IRL but Never AFK - Interviews with Yoe/@trasselfrisyr and 00zerO. Words by livingspeedbump. #Keyboardspotting at and the local e-waste recycler. Cover art by inanis.

Run 1: 20 made, printer issues
Run 2: The rest made, more printer issues

Greatest Hits - Interviews with Matias, kurplop, and swill. Cover art by kudosgodspeed, KingRama, YoungMichael88, and CC. Sticker/logo design by hydrospell.

Run 1: All of them

* jdcarpe subscribes.

This looks like a fun little side project.  I'd love a copy.  ;D  I'd be happy to cover the costs of printing/shipping

Cool idea.
Interested in getting one copy.

This is relevant to my interests and I would love a copy.  :thumb:

Also would be willing to pay for printing/shipping/future copies.


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