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With regards to the aftermarket - Buyers/Traders Beware

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Thanks for this post Binge and for your continued transparency, if people have inquiries along this line elsewhere I'll be sure to direct them to this post.

Great post Binge. People need to ground themselves and think about aftermarket pricing, especially on brand new caps. I've had insane offers on newer KK sales and on your caps as well and I've refused to sell, even at triple retail value.

If I wanted to make money I wouldn't be part of this cancerous hobby in the first place :P

great post Binge, the information will help everyone  :thumb:


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--- Quote from: Sneaky Potato on Wed, 02 March 2016, 13:48:24 ---Well said. I can't help but think of all the sad, sad keycaps that are locked in a plastic bag inside a dark box somewhere, dreaming of standing tall and proud among the other keycaps and regularly being touched.

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Pff among other caps...

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Okay, to give an example.

My Marble SloFi is opaque (30$), and white / blue colored (5$ + 5$) - so it is worth 40$ unshipped?

Of course I'm not selling, just asking.

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There are 3 colors in that key so its retail would be $45



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