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[WTB/TF] Clack Factory Topre "Tri-Shark MKI" Skull Artisan Keycap

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Looking to trade some combination of the following-

* Topre Realforce R1 104UB-DK Keyboard (XF11R0) - NIB
* Topre Realforce R1 104UB-DK Keyboard (XF11R0) - Used (keycaps in tray)
* Alpha Keycaps Topre "Anniversary RGB" Prayge Artisan Keycap Set
* BingeCaps Topre "Aquafresh" Smiling Jack Artisan Keycap
* Clack Factory Topre "Cobalt MKII" Skull Artisan Keycap
* Topre Realforce R1 RGB 106U Launch Keycap Set
* Topre Realforce R1 Wine FC980C Launch Keycap Set
* Topre Pine WASD w/ Arrows, Red Esc & WASD w/o Arrows
* Verified PayPal

For a Clack Factory Topre "Tri-Shark MK.I" Skull Artisan Keycap

PM **only** if you can oblige.

* Variable Topre Realforce 87UW with black keys - $170 shipped
* Topre Type Heaven (used ~two weeks) with a scratch on the spacebar (it's visible but you can't feel it) from a misguided flip - $100 shipped
* Keyless, domeswapped-to-variable-weight Topre Realforce 104UB-DK (domes have <1 day use) - $100 shipped
* Set of white/gray keys (alphas from 87U so they have front-side numpad legends, rest from 104UW) as add-on for above - $45
* Orange Topre Modifier set (missing one CTRL key) - $15 shipped
* Purple Topre WASD Set - $15 shipped
* Red Topre Arrow Set - $15 shipped
* Red Topre Hellboy - $25 shipped
* Yellow Topre Hellboy - $25 shipped
* Red Topre GasMask - $25 shipped
* Red Topre WASD+Esc Set - $15 shipped
* Green Topre Realforce Printed Set (Used by previous owner, in excellent condition) - $85 shipped
* Red Topre Realforce Printed Set (Used by previous owner, in excellent condition) - $85 shipped
* Black HHKB Printed Set (Used for two hours, in new condition) - $50 shipped
* Lavender Topre WASD (Used - cleaned with denture tabs) - $10 shipped
* 55g White Topre Realforce 87UW-55 (Domes used 3 weeks, everything else new; Includes swappable Ctrl/Alt, crappy cap puller, red Esc, box) - $200 shipped
* Yellow Topre Realforce Printed Set (Used by previous owner, in excellent condition) - $85 shipped
* Blue Topre Realforce Printed Set (Used, in excellent condition. Bought via widebasket which is why price is higher) - $115 shipped
* Double Pink MX Raven - $25 shipped
* Red on Black MX GasMask G2 - $25 shipped
* Red on Black MX Crowned Skull - $25 shipped
* Outbreak Topre [CTRL]Alt Esc+Fn Set - $20 shipped
* 4ft USB to Mini USB Miami w/ Clear Techflex & White Shrink Pexon Cable (New) - $20 shipped
* 45g Black w/ White/Gray Keys Topre Realforce 87UB-EK45 - $170 shipped
* GeekKeys Rainbow Blank Thick PBT Cherry MX Keyset (New, sealed in original packaging; includes two novelty keycaps) - $75 shipped
* Transparent Blue Topre Hammer Skull - $20 shipped
* Powder Puff Pink Topre Bro Esc + Fn - $36 shipped
* 55g Royal Kludge RGB RC930 TKL Keyboard (Used 30 minutes total, in new condition; stock o-rings removed from sliders but will be included; all LEDs tested as working) - $100 shipped
* Lavender Topre WASD Keyset (New) - $13 shipped
* Lavender Topre Modifier Keyset (New) - $18 shipped
* [Topre] Gumball Blue Bro Fn - $20 shipped
* [Topre] Limeade Bro Esc + Fn - $46 shipped
* Domeswapped-to-45g White w/ All White Keycaps Topre Realforce 104U Keyboard (Alphas used, mods/secondary whites new, keyboard in excellent condition; includes cap puller) - $200 shipped
* [Topre] Azurite KRAP Crowned Skull (Top) (Bottom) - $25 shipped
* [Topre] Rage Red Bro Bot v2 - $25 shipped
* Printed Pink Topre Realforce Keycap Set (Mint condition, never used) - $125 shipped (price sucks, but I'm losing $60 at this price after discount/shipping/fee)
* Duck Viper - $415 shipped
* Originative Cyrillic (Base, WKL, HHKB) - $105 shipped
* 5x5 artisan/keycap display case (it's missing two of the vertical rails and one of the horizontal ones is short because China sucks) - $20 shipped
* Graphite Digilog Aluminum Housing for Realforce 87U keyboards (couple small dings near upper right corner from previous owner/couple on the back of the case not pictured) for $150 shipped. The Digilog's internal USB cable had a wire come loose shortly after I purchased it, and I was able to keep it working my taping it down, but opening up the case became problematic because I kept having to fix the tape each time. Tried getting the cable replaced by manufacturer and one forum cable maker, but both of them wound up disappearing on me. So by purchasing the Digilog, you're agreeing to do so under the knowledge that is technically non-working (I figure a replacement cable from an "overseas" maker is $10-20, so I've priced the keyboard at my cost - that cable cost). Including a couple MKC grey case feet (screw doesn't fit, but you can tape them on)
* White Printed HHKB Set (lightly use) - $40 shipped
* Lightly used "Stormtrooper" (black caps, white case) Realforce 23U for $100 shipped.
* RGB KatzenKinder Blanks - $20 shipped, all money goes to Katzen
* Purple KatzenKinder Blank - $7 shipped, all money goes to Katzen
* Topre X-Mas GasMask (martinyeah) - $20  More
* Topre Primer Smiling Jack (Binge) - $20  More
* Topre Green/Blue/White Gradient Set (ImpendingxDoom) - $20  More
* Topre Blue/White Blank (KatzenKinder) - $10  More
* MX "Blood-thirsty Blue Taffy" Shadow Stalker Set (nubbinator) - $20  More
* Selling HKP Red/Black Topre Blanks, 2 Esc and 3 Fn for $50 shipped (original price was $60 shipped). Paypal/CONUS only. Would prefer to keep it to one order, but if I can't sell it that way after a few days then will consider breaking it down.
* Topre 2Spooky Grumpkin - $40 shipped
* Topre Crystal Armor Reaper - $35
* Topre THC V2 - $45
* Topre Liberal Blue UMAD - $40
* Topre Orange Moose - $20
* Topre Snackey Snack Pack - $50
* Topre Leftovers Anniversary Blue HHKB Set - $30
* Topre HHKB Blanks + PBT Spacebar - $40
* Topre Nuclear Kush Gamer Set + V2 - $100
* Topre Shallow Mallow HHKB Set (+ Arrows) - $50
* Topre Transparent Red Hellboy - $20
* Topre White-on-Black Realforce 23U - $85
* Pexon Orange 6ft USB to Mini USB - $15 shipped
* Pexon Urban Camo 4ft USB to Mini USB - $15 shipped
* Topre Unconscious Clack Factory Skull - $50 shipped
* Pexon Biosludge 3ft USB to Mini USB - $15 shipped
* Topre Traditional Cherokey - $60 shipped
* Topre Poof Purrkey - $25 shipped
* Topre Blush Smiling Jack - $20 shipped
* Sony NEWS NWP-5461 - $70 shipped
* Topre Realforce Red Esc/WASD - $20 shipped
* Topre Prototype PBT Spacebar Bundle - $20 - I've never used them, but the white ones appear "dirty" and there's the standard prototype warping along the bottom.
* Topre Golemfish Fugu, Cobalt Bomb King, Push Pop Half-Shell Bundle - $50
* Topre Realforce 89 (ND0100) - $130 - Variable, 2005 manufactured date. Board was listed as never used, but the original keycaps have been replaced with a lightly-used white set (SA0100KT1). Some very slight yellowing on the case. Includes TechKeys wire cap puller.
* Topre Pale Blue Reaper Classic - $45 shipped
* Topre Nautilus Keybuto - $35 shipped
* MX "Stormtrooper" Fugu - $6.50 shipped
* Blank Cherry Blossom Realforce Keycaps - $25 - Two R4 (Esc), One R3 ('Q'-row), Two R2 ('A'-row), Two R1 (Fn). Basically its Two Escs, HHKB Arrows, and an Fn.
* Topre Ionospheric Blue CF Skull - $25 shipped
* Topre Just Systems 108UBK-JS (ZH0200) - $170 - Uniform 45g, lightly used. Includes Filco wire cap puller (does not include extra red keycaps).
* Topre Realforce 105UFW - $185 $175 - Variable. Bought very used, then cleaned caps/plate, replaced yellowed spacebar with prototype PBT spacebar (old one included), replaced yellowed/stained case with new one, and boxed keyboard in Realforce box (case and box labeled for 106U-KW).
* Topre Realforce 87UW-55 (->45) - $130 - Dome-swapped to 45g by previous owner. Scratch on F1 keycap from previous owner. I swapped some modifier keycaps (Alts/Long Ctrl) with equivalent ones from Topre 89 (thinner legends) and replaced beige AppsKey with white AppsKey. Includes white prototype PBT spacebar and ABS spacebar.
* Topre Realforce Printed Cherry Blossom Keycap Set - $65 - Missing F/J and TKL-compatability keys, includes extra full-size Caps Lck/Scr Lck/Ctrl keys. Scratches on the sides of many keycaps from previous owner. Will come bagged.
* Topre Realforce Medium Gray 89S-10th Alphas/Functions - $50 - Missing spacebar. Will come bagged.
* Topre Realforce Blue WASD/Esc - $25
* Topre Realforce Misc White/Beige Keycaps - $35 - Mix of beige JIS modifier, keycaps from various white Realforce sets. Includes white ABS spacebar and white JIS PBT spacebar. Will come bagged.
* Topre Realforce 104UB-DK - $190 - 45g, 2013 model (not silenced). Original gray keycaps replaced with pearl keycaps from 2016 model. Keycaps/keyboard lightly used by seperate owners.
* Topre Realforce Purple WASD - $15
* Topre Slate Saber - $40
* Topre Realforce 87USD-10th (-S) - $265 - Variable, no longer silenced on non-large modifier keys (shifts, enter, backspace are silenced). 87USD-10th case, 87USD-10th Hangul alphas, 104UB-DK modifiers (slightly different coloring than alphas, has slight beige tint to them). Left control slider replaced with 3D printed slider to accommodate standard control key (original slider included though). Lightly used. Will come boxed and include a keyboard hat.
* Topre Realforce White Keycap Set - $115 - Alphas have about a week's worth use, everything else untouched. Will come boxed and include a keyboard hat. Color is the same as traditional white Realforce keycaps.
* Topre Realforce Orange WASD/Esc - $20
* Topre Realforce Green WASD/Esc - $20
* Topre Classic Beige DWI Jack - $55
* Topre Realforce Yellow WASD - $15
* Topre gloyZ Teal Sparkle Blank - $15 - The walls were originally too thick for the cap to be functional, I've Xacto'd them down so it's useable (but it's a bit rough on the underside now).
* Topre Shadowcaps Ruby Red Esc + Fn Set - $25
* Topre Realforce 89S-10th Parts + Filco Keycap Case - $40 - Gray 10th Anniversary case (small crack on right corner), PCB, Plate. Includes two OEM silenced stabilizers (enter, spacebar) and one standard (shift) but no other sliders. Keycap case holds both MX and Topre keycaps. Will also include a PS2 to USB converter (as the cable is PS2).
* Topre Realforce Variable 87U - $135 - White, smaller-font alphas from 86U (used), Beige primary mods (missing both winkeys and the apps key), Anniversary Blue secondary mods (there's somehow a puncture on the down arrow key from previous owner). Will include a bag of misc keycaps for you to use to fill the gaps with. Also- small chip in the side of the w keycap from previous owner and the backslash key came from a different set, so it is slightly lighter in color.
* Topre Galactic Esc - $25
* Topre Blue Ink Set - $25
* Topre Red Hellboy - $25
* Topre Just Systems JIS 108 Extras - $20
* Topre Realforce 30g 87UB - $200 - Domeswapped to 30g (domes from 89S-10th), there's a hairline scratch along the spacebar from previous owner (in very good condition otherwise).
* Topre Realforce Pine ISO Complete Set - $30
* Topre Realforce Red ISO WASD + Esc Keycaps - $20
* Topre Realforce Red ANSI Modifier Set - $30
* Topre Proto Electric Marmalade Fugu - $35
* MX Moondust Otterophile - $70
* Topre Boysenberry FR Snackey - $30
* Topre Dragonfruit FR Snackey - $30
* Topre Spectral Ojum Fugu + Fn - $28
*     -TMX War-torn Defender - $75 - be aware that you need an LED shining underneath the keycap for the red eye to be visible.
*     -Topre Creamsicle Deal-With-It Jack - $50
*     -Topre Menthol (GID) WASD/Esc/Fn (DOOM CAPS) - $90 (not entirely sure what retail was on these, so price can be lowered if provided)
*     -Topre Garnet Zen Set - $55
*     -Topre Blank Black HHKB Set - $30 - Set was used quite a bit by previous owner. I cleaned it with dental tabs, replaced shiny spacebar with new one (shiny included though), and then used it for about 10 days in total. Definitely worth more than $30 shipped.
*     -Topre Deacon's Hellfire Esc/Fn Set (MFCAPS) - $30
*     -Topre Newsprint Red Deal-With-It (DWI) Jack - $30
*     -TMX Model-V Red Keybuto II - $65
*     -Topre Realforce (Lighter) Red 104 Pro Extras (Left Shift, Control, WASD) - $15 - Scratch on lower-front of shift key, color is the same as boxed red set (not the same as the traditional red Realforce esc keycap).
* a lot more, i stopped keeping track once i went to mostly only listing on reddit

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