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[IC] DSA Crimson Pilot
« on: Tue, 26 September 2017, 20:18:31 »

This is a set I have been designing for a while now. I was designing it for use on my KBD66 with red aluminum case. Since Massdrop has started a keycap set design contest, I figured I would bring it to a full set based on their template and enter it in the contest. The image above is what I submitted, but I believe it can be edited within the submission period in case anyone has any good suggestions.

The colors are SP PBT as follows.

Black: GSF
Red: RBH
Orange: OAL
Green: VCT

Below is a more comprehensive set I put together that is outside the Massdrop template. I designed this mostly for fun to see what I could come up with without limitations.


I wanted to use a custom font for this set and figured it would be easy enough because it is dye-sub. I didn't submit my design with the font because I thought it might get excluded for becoming too complex. The rules for the contest seemed like they want to keep things simple the first time around. The font pictured above is Audiowide from Google Fonts. I didn't render this image with KLE Renderer because it currently can't process imported fonts.

Let me know what you guys think!  :)