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[IC] Domikey Minty Fresh Big Update 12/02/2021!!!

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Good set, bad name (sorry luv u)


I also had this idea for mono alphas if the set doesn't get cancelled expect an alphas kits

NE1 care about it looking like necro? Cuz I don't

I really like the colorway! Just fix the accent enter key in the base kit.


--- Quote from: Swishy on Tue, 27 April 2021, 21:02:03 ---I've wanted another run of necro for a while, but I cannot get into contact with the original creator nor are they active in the community any more. If people see this as a huge issue, then of course I will not move forward with this. My goal was to bring some updated kitting tothe colorway and give people another chance to get the set

--- End quote ---
You canít just run another personís colourway because you want to.

Vendors might pick this up but Andy from GMK has mentioned that they will stop sets that use the same colours from previous set without permission.


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