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[IC] Domikey Minty Fresh Big Update 12/02/2021!!!

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--- Quote from: xeon on Wed, 20 October 2021, 12:19:08 ---smh swishy why domikey

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After owning Domikey Cherry Semiconductor I can say that the quality was higher than I expected. I'm sure this will turn out better than people expect. Domikey might not be the best but they are leagues better than some of the other manus out there. Plus their triple shot caps were fantastic! I was really impressed with the caps. I'm sure Minty Fresh will turn out great with this manu!

I'm done buying ABS sets that will ship in 18 months. DMK is getting my money, and this set is going the same route.

thanks for a much needed colorway.
Iím only here for 8-bit 60 renders

- changed the kitting to Domikey
- updated the legends in the renders
- Novelties designed

Tweaks needed-
Ortho kit need two dark bars
Need to make a dark bars kit
Adding f1-f4 and f9-f12 to dark alphas

The novelties are silly but I like them, very cute.


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