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Hello everyone,

I try to collect some metrics about ergonomics.
If you have 5 minutes and nothing to do maybe you can fill this survey and feed it with some informations.
I will release the result soon an my website and hope to get some interesting numbers and can bring it to the diy / custom boards.

Thank you all :)

I didn't submit. Some feedback:

You got the definition of "tenting" wrong. Tenting is angling the halves against each other so that they together resemble a tent and only that.
Some of these measurements can be difficult to measure, and these questions are required - so I anticipate that you will lose answers because of that.

You didn't ask whether the user's keyboard is columnar, staggered or ortholinear (or something else). The opening angle depends on that style. People also use different opening angles depending on the distance between halves.

There are many mods that can be done... but are really any mods other than ergonomic mods relevant?


--- Quote ---You got the definition of "tenting" wrong.
--- End quote ---

Thanks. Yes that's right. I thought I can summarize it to the word "tenting" - my fault

--- Quote ---You didn't ask whether the user's keyboard is columnar, staggered or ortholinear
--- End quote ---

Because of that i ask for the keyboard and get the alignment of keys through this point.

--- Quote ---There are many mods that can be done
--- End quote ---
Yes but I thought the mods wich are listed influence the ergonomics. Other mods just influence sound and so on.

What do you think?
And thanks for the proposals

submitted. if it's possible, can you add 'do you bottom out when typing?' I used to feel tired when I bottom out and then taught myself not to bottom out, the pain no longer show up.

edit: forgot to add. if it is also possible, can you and 'how far apart you separate each side?'?

Answered!  Will be interested to see the results ;D


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