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In the following, I refer to '', meaning all owners, operators, moderators and administrators of this website, as 'our'. These rules limit our liability. By posting in this forum you agree that you have read these rules and you agree to abide by these rules and agree to the limits to our liability stated herein.

Further, these rules are subject to change, so please check this thread on every visit to this forum.

1) Conflict resolution: CAVEAT EMPTOR. Moderators will not step in to mediate buys gone bad. BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING/SELLING ON THIS FORUM! We accept no liability and will provide no services to buyers or sellers short of providing a forum for organizing group buys. We highly encourage buyers and sellers to reference their own feedback ratings (heatware, ebay, etc), and we highly encourage users to refrain from joining buys organized by anyone but senior members with a proven track record of organizing large group buys. CAVEAT EMPTOR: WE ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR LOSSES RELATED TO OR RESULTING FROM POSTING IN THIS FORUM OR FOR ANY TRANSACTION RESULTING FROM A POSTING IN THIS FORUM.

2) Threadcrapping: If you aren't interested in joining a group buy, STAY OUT OF THE GROUP BUY THREAD. This goes doubly so if you disagree with the way the buy is being run, the product being purchased, or have any other complaint not relevant to buying into the group buy. Repeat offenders put themselves in danger of moderator action.

3) Thread Closure: We understand that group buy threads are useful for much longer than classifieds threads. However, we would like to ensure that very old group buy threads for buys that have been completed for a significant amount of time are not bumped and occupying space that could be used by active interest checks or buys in the ordering stage. To this end, we would like group buy organizers to close their threads after items have been received and sufficient time has passed. When everyone has received their items, are happy with them, and there's no more business to be done on the buy, please close your thread. We will not be exceedingly strict about this rule, but may close threads that that are bumped out of the group buy graveyard of the last forum pages.

4) Buy Logistics and Pricing: Moderators will not step in to regulate method of sale, pricing issues, etc. Instead, we encourage members to "vote with your dollars". If, for example, you don't agree with the suspected level of profit a group buy organizer is pricing into his or her product, do not buy, do not post in the thread, ignore the buy; doing otherwise puts you and your posts in danger of moderator action.

As always, posts disobeying these rules may be subject to moderator action.

Thanks folks.


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