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Can anyone recommend some decent web hosting service?

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--- Quote from: appleonama on Sat, 26 March 2016, 21:15:34 ---
--- Quote from: Leslieann on Sat, 26 March 2016, 20:20:55 ---I've used a few, and the one I like most is the one I'm on currently, Host Gator.

In web hosting, you can get cheap and lousy service, or good service at a very high price, there isn't much in between. For me, Host Gator was the best compromise. Relatively cheap, with decent service.

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I was using host gator but it takes my pages forever to load

I just switched to namecheap and got a 40% discount is doesn't seem that bad

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It all depends on the server and plan you are on, for every host. If you get on a new or unpopulated or a server with just a bunch of small sites, it will be fast. On the other hand, as the server loads up, and/or a site on that server gets popular, it can effect all of the other sites on that server. Most hosts, the smart ones, will see this added load and force them onto a different plan and/or server. This is a shared hosting system and they work and are meant for low load sites.

On a VPS server, each site gets a limited amount of resources, sometimes they give you a little extra in case you run over on occasion, and again, if you start effecting others, they will force you to upgrade to a better plan, or even your own sever.

I've used all three, low end host plans suck. If a host pays attention, it works, but on the lowest plans, none of them do unless you are completely flooding the server (been there). Unless people complain, they probably don't even know there's a problem. This happens on every shared host, not just Host Gator. Running away might fix it, or you could go through the hassle of moving, only to find the new host is even worse (I got three bad ones in a row), or they have crap service, or some other major problem.

I've used well over half a dozen hosts some for personal use, others for commercial sites and good cheap hosting is like looking for water in the desert.  I have had such bad experiences, even after asking for recommendations...  I spent 2 years looking for a commercial host I could afford who didn't completely suck or try and rip me off. When you find a host that's working for you for the most part, stick with them if it's an easy problem to fix, and this is a relatively easy one to fix.

So your options are move, tell them the sever is dragging, or move up to a VPS plan with guaranteed resources. Yes, a VPS is a bit more money and work, but it kind of insulates you from these sorts of problems and gives you a lot more options, want more sites or domains, add them, need more memory, add it to the plan, want a bunch of email addresses, add all you want. If you run a site that is remotely popular or plan on a few sites/domains, you really may just want to step up to a VPS.

By the way, a cheap plan like Thelectronichub recommended ihas the same problem unless it has guaranteed resources (and near as I can tell they do not). They may say get x amount of memory and processor, however, that doesn't mean dedicated and there's nothing stating that you are not sharing that, just that you have access to that amount. I found nothing on their site saying that memory or CPU was dedicated to you. The fact that they term it cloud hosting sets off alarms tells me that's exactly what they are doing, as does the fact that you can rent by the hour. The hourly throws up even more flags as gamers rent for game servers for tournaments, flood the server for a weekend and then get booted off, or a spammer uses it and gets the shared IP address placed on every spam registry.

Just because your site is low resource doesn't mean everyone else on that server will be playing by the same rules. Many places doing plans that cheap are giving you a VPS, but it shares the server resources.

I don't know how much you want to host, and how you create it.

At work we are switching from self-hosted to SquareSpace.  Their online web design system has a few minor quirks, but I was able to create a half reasonable site in a few days.


--- Quote from: smknjoe on Sat, 26 March 2016, 23:12:42 ---If you want a fully dedicated server I can hook you up. ;)

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Where are those located?


--- Quote from: smknjoe on Sat, 26 March 2016, 23:12:42 ---If you want a fully dedicated server I can hook you up. ;)

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Where are those located?

I'm done messing with shared hosting. I use Amazon EC2 for everything now. Been very happy to have full control of my Ubuntu LTS instances, even if it does make for a bit of extra admin work.


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