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What is this?
This controler replaces original controller of Leopold FC660C and makes the keyboard programmable.
This is supposed to be compatible to all models of FC660C as of 2019-05-03.

Check this thread for technical infos and discussion of the controller:

GB thread of past rounds(for the record):

Post your question or suggestion here.


YES. This is still regularly available in stock and can be shipped in a few working days now. (2020-01-15)

Please check this notes on shipping under COVID-2019 pandemic before ordering. 2020-04-02
Instead, you can get it from 1upkeyboards now especially if you are located in the US and Canada. 2020-11-10

Email me at with subject "FC660C Alt Controller" to place an order. Just let me know how many you need and your country.  I'll send PayPal invoice to your email address. Do not PM(Private Message) me.

The controllers will be available regularly and can be shipped in a few working days.

Price: 40(controller) + 8(shipping) = 48USD
For two controllers it costs 40*2 + 8 = 88USD.

Payment: I'll send you PayPal invoice, you can pay  with credit card or balance of PayPal account. Please make sure you supply correct shipping address when making payment.

Shipping: Via Registered mail and usually takes two weeks. Trackable in most of countries except for Canada, Australia and China. Shipping cost is same rate for all countries as far as Japan Post can cover. Your item will be shipped within a week.

Shipping to CANADA is fast and reliable enough now. (2018/09/15)
MoreShipping to CANADA: Sorry to say this but we had very long delay on delivery in Canada these days and it takes even two months occasionally when you suffer from bad luck. In the case of trouble you have to wait two months(plus a few week) before having me issue fully refund. If you are in Canada consider using EMS for shipping method, which is traceable and very fast(3 days or so) but it costs 20USD instead of 6 :( Let me know if you want to use EMS.

How to install
You need only screw driver to install this controller. No soldering is required.

And take a look this video. Thank you, stoic-lemon!

Open case
You have to void warranty from manufacturer to do this mod, of course.
MoreStep 1: Void your warranty with getting rid of sticker and unscrew.

Step 2:  Crack it open using tool like phone openner or plastic card with care.

Step3: Done!

Mate/unmate connector
Check image below to know how to mate/unmate connector.
More I recommend you follow method proposed by manufacturer and this works certainly for me.
You don't need any tool to remove/unmate the connector use just your fingers. Plier and screwdriver likely slip off and make scratch and give cables damage.
To remove/unmate hold many cables as possible with thumb and index finger and wiggle the connector laterally each side within 15deg range.
To insert/mate just push both side edge of the connector parallel with fingers or nails.

Install controller board
Just screw down controller PCB on case.

How to remap
Keymap Editor
You can use online keymap editor to get prebuilt firmware with your own keymap.

MoreThere are two kind of prebuilt firmware. Plain one has very simple keymap and  would be useful as start point if you want to define you own keymap from scratch. Emu one emulates FC660C stock behaviour, it would be nice if you like the stock keymap basically and need only small change.

- Plain:
- Emu:

LED control
CapsLock LED indicates CapsLock state naturally in both Plain and Emu firmware.
Insert LED never light up with Plain firmware, which suits for people who have no plan on the LED or regard it distractive. Emu firmware turns Insert LED on when Layer 1 is activated, you can you can place your keymap there and make it indicator for your keymap state.
Not a fan of these behaviour? You can do anything with the LEDs if you willing to write small code, of course.

Keymap Examples:
- hasu's: spacefn and mousekey(Emu)
Share your keymap! Use 'URL shortener' button on keymap editor to get URL of your keymap and post it here.

You can grasp how this works by watching stoic-lemon's video.

How to flash
TMK FC660C Alt Controller has ATMega32U4 as a microcontroller. To boot the microcontroller into programming mode push button on bottom of keyboard.

See wiki page on github for detail of flashing tool.

Build from source codes
You can also tweak sources if keymap editor is not enough.

See this for detail.

- No plan for USB-C C is a bit too large to plug in USB-mini hole. More
- No Bluetooth  This controller doesn't support Bluetooth, USB only.  And check my thought as of July 2019.
- Not for FC980C This is not. See FC980C Alt Controller thread.
- Not for FC660M It is not possible to replace its controller, which is integrated into one big pcb with all of switches.
- Actuation point adjustment Not officially supported. See this post.

- For new 'Made in Japan' models The controller works fine with the new 'Made in Japan' model also. see this post.

Check FAQ on wiki first.

- Doesn't work with BIOS/UEFI
- Switching NKRO/6KRO

2017/04/06 GB OPEN:
2017/05/01 GB CLOSE
2017/05/19 GB SHIPPED
2017/06/29 Open thread inTMK Keyboard Service subforum
2018/05/21 Add Note for "Made in Japan" models and  update stock
2018/09/15 Update error of pin configuration in documentation(PB7-> PB6).
2021/03/29 Revised shipping rate

Restocked eight controllers now.

This is in production regularly and available in stock.

Just confirmed now that this controller works fine with new 'Made in Japan' model also.

Have got similar question from potential buyers sporadically, it is worth to answer it here.

--- Quote ---do you currently offer the Alt controller for the Leopold FC660C with Bluetooth support?
If you don't currently have the controller with Bluetooth supoort, would too be releasing one with this supoort any time soon?

--- End quote ---

No, Bluetooth support is not available for FC660C from me and no plan at this time.

Here in Japan FC660C is compeltely out of stock and the product seems to be end of life in this country at least unfortunately. I'll have to check future supply of the product first before makng a plan for new controller.

But I'm still interested in designing Bluetooth controller/keyboard for myself, and will keep watching and researching related technologies and develpments in keyboard community.


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