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When making ketchup shrimp
it's better not to skimp
on the tasty red condiment
that's an excellent compliment
and makes your seafood real pimp.


So let's get head up, dead up, set up and you get you wet up. Up in a set up, you bleed for real, forget the ketchup.


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Ode to the Ketchup

A Sonnet by Ash Ketchup

My red ketchup.
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about crimson.

Let me compare you to a maroon sweater?
You are more juicy.
But I shouldn’t have worn you at the same time.

I love your blue arms, attitude and hands.

With your small hairs.

Now I must away with a ruby heart,
Remember me.

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Ketchup is red
The sky is blue
Let me win Clack
Please I'm so lonely.

I read a few, but mostly just cleaned up the thread.

These look fantastic!

I will not post the winner tonight.

I'm "spread" really thin tonight. I will have to play ketchup tomorrow.


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