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Stainless steel mouse shell mod and reed switches



I made the shell for my fixed angle ergo-mouse out of stainless steel.
Replaced "regular" mouse buttons with reed/magnetic switches.
Most sources say that those will last hundred million switching cycles, in my case that means I'll never have to replace them, will outlast me
Replaced rotary encoder with reed switches - See my other/older posts about where I'm detailing the process.
Stainless steel plate, main shell is about 0.6mm thick and is completelly stiff.
The moving/bending/flexing part, where the magnet slides down on finger press, is aluminium, 0.3mm or so.
Base, electronic board mount/feet is 1.2mm Lexan.
Electronics are from a cheapo chinese 6 button mouse thats using the PMW3360 sensor, I think was about $14 shipped, except for the ****ty/stiff usb cable, been very reliable.
Relocated the scroll wheel to thumb, that way I can use the middle mouse and scroll if I need to, plus provides extra grip without having to "claw" the device.
Very little 3d printing been done, just the protective shell for for reeds so I can attach/screw those and magnet wheel, I'd say total print time was under 15 min.
The stainless steel bit is all one big piece thats been countoured after my hand size, bent to the angles I needed, maximized ergonomics, very supportive.

I guess cutting the stainless steel/aluminium/Lexan with a CNC/water jet would have made the whole thing look much better but... meh

Cool project & video!


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