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I searched a ton for one of these threads, but all I found was "Post your Bros", "Post your Clacks", etc, etc

This thread is to "Post your Artisan Caps", not to be limited to a single Maker you can be free to post your collection here

I'll start

Im currently waiting on the Liberty's Light Dolly from Nubbinator (no image of it ATM)

and am hoping to get into the KBK sale this week to finish off the top row

and in honor of the best sig ever

flickr won't let me log in...

I have quite a few images perfect for this thread.  I almost made the same thread a week ago when I wanted to post pics but there was no appropriate thread.   :))   You beat me to it!

Here's my most recent photo. Not the greatest lighting, but oh well.  :)

Novelties by HoffmanMyster, on Flickr



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Ssseeeerrrriiioooouuuuussssslllllyyyyyyy, stop hoarding the hoootttss.......    :P



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