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[GB] NASA 2.0 Deskmat + Interstellar Collection Deskmats

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Hey guys what's up, we have a few extras of our limited edition deskmats left and we're opening international shipping for them! No need to wait! The deskmats go out this following week :)

* NASA Deskmats

Interstellar Collection Deskmats

These deskmats are limited production so once they sell out, they're gone forever! Buy it today to support a great cause and get a product you love!
Donation Update:

We've donated over $600 as of now and we're excited to tally everything from this recent production run to donate to the Armenian Relief Society!

Shipping Update:

* Our GB cycle is over and all deskmats ship out this following week! Thank you for purchasing and helping us raise donation funds!

International shipping is available for $20! The shipping price often goes over but I will personally cover all shipping costs over $20 to deliver our product to you at a reasonable price.

* Price of $25 for every deskmat + flat $10 shipping to everywhere in the U.S. , $15 to Canada and $20 international!

NASA 2.0 can be found

Interstellar Collection Deskmats
We've already finished our successful NASA 1.0 run and we're just about wrapped up on our second run! Come check us out on or discord!

Thank you guys so much for helping us raise donation funds and we hope you guys love our deskmats.

dont think this is a group buy.                               

We just finished the GB stage but should we label it something else? Thanks

I will move it to the artisan thread, as you can have sales there too!

How's the legitimacy with regards to trademarks and what not?


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