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UK Meetup - London - September 10th 2022 - Thanks!

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--- Quote from: vladimir108 on Tue, 03 November 2020, 03:42:39 ---Hello guys, any news/updates regarding meetup versus l*ckdown please? Is it postponed?

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Apologies I forgot Gouty had posted this here.

Yes its been cancelled - full announcement below:


So as most of you have guessed, and Gouty alluded to a couple of weeks ago - the meetup on the 28th November is officially cancelled.

This is really sad news as all of the organisers were looking forwards to a great event, but its better to be safe in these current times. When things are looking brighter we will re-arrange a meetup, and given the expected turn out of the event we were planning, we are all certain the next one will be the biggest and best ever!

The whole organisational team would like to say thank you to everyone for your support whilst we have battled with suppliers and venues over the past few months - you all are a credit to the community.

In terms of next steps, we are currently waiting on a refund of the venue fee from the venue. Whilst they have agreed in writing to return the amount paid, actually obtaining the funds is, uh, tricky....

This does mean though that we will be able to accomodate 2 choices for ticket holders, and more details will follow soon:

1 - Get a refund for your ticket via MechBoards
2 - Keep your ticket and it will roll over to the next venue/meetup

In the meantime, we will look to host some online events/streams/giveaways as Gouty's cupboard looks like the Keyboard Santa has emptied his sack all over it...

Oops, yeah.  Been a little busy and haven't updated.  Thanks Jae

Everyone with a ticket was informed via various channels but I thought Id update this post to reflect it.

Also, again, we are having a virtual get together:

We dont have a huge amount planned, its a little ad-hoc, but current plan is, social stuff this evening/tonight, then come by, show off your keyboards and shoot the **** tomorrow from 1pm. Server will be up all weekend, do with it as you wish! Thanks to Bleddyn for setting up the server and clack fancy for the template. If you want to give any talks or anything, or donate for giveaways, let one of the organisers know. Well be making further announcements in the meetup server. Hope to see you there.


--- Quote from: Gouty on Sat, 28 November 2020, 08:28:06 --- ... Everyone with a ticket was informed via various channels but I thought Id update this post to reflect it. ...

--- End quote ---

I personally didn't get any email, nothing. Not even about PDF tickets, I had to ask support.

First post has been updated to reflect new date and to include information about ticket purchase.

We've stopped selling new tickets for now in order to give everyone who purchased a ticket for the cancelled meet a chance to redeem their new ticket.  Once we've done that we will make the remaining slot available.


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