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I'm Spencer and I am a student at Boston University. I really would like to start a keyboard meetup for the local keyboard enthusiasts from either surrounding universities or just anyone that is in the Boston/New England Area. I've attached the interest check below and I'll largely update through either BU Gaming (who is helping me set up the event) or through the New England Keyboard Group which will both be linked below. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns (I respond fastest through discord: yoshi's second cousin#2166)



I'm all for this!
I could easily head into town for a day :)

I'll be glad to see you, I look forward to it.

How soon is the next meeting? I would like to remember the good old university days. I remember cool parties and nights of preparing for exams or writing abstracts in literature, when two or three hours of sleep per day was considered the norm. Now it is much easier for students, because there are many educational courses and online sites like SunnyPapers where there are already ready-made examples of work. We sat in the library at night and collected extracts from dozens of books in order to get a decent grade. Memories flooded in... let's meet already.

A meetup in Boston would be sick! I hope we can make this work for a weekend in september.


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