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Dat #13! Too bad I can't afford to pay the PayPal fees. xD


--- Quote from: Vibex on Thu, 03 April 2014, 11:00:05 ---Awesome sale!
Dibs on 7, 12, and 18.

--- End quote ---
Looks like I got 12 and 18, as long as no one got any pms is. :D

If it's still available, I'd like #11 Wedding Cake.

I'll take one more if not all have been claimed. :p

Here is what I got from the thread so far:

1. Fleshtemple (fleshy pink) - atlas3686
2. Battery Acid (yellow green w/black eyes) -
3. Nightmare (faux steel w/ red eyes) - iAmAhab
4. The Trooper (burnt fatigue green) - danielucf
5. Lucky Charm (gold face trans green) - danielucf
6. Bippity Boppity Blue (faux metal face blue body) - sockit2me
7. Bone Daddy (bone face w/ red eyes black body) - iAmAhab
8. Disco Green (pea green face black body) - Badwrench
9. Disco Melon (melon face black body) - twistedness
10. Disco Pink (pink face black body) - sockit2me
11. Wedding Cake (shimmery white) - iAmAhab

12. Red Velvet (red head white body) - Vibex
13. Gun Smoke (faux metal head black body) - naasfu
14. Radioactive (purple head w/battery acid eyes black body) - naasfu
15. Blue Steel (faux metal head trans blue body) - esoomenona
16. Nightmare (faux steel head w/ red eyes) - irendulic
17. Woompa White (faux metal head white body) - danielucf
18. Riptide Rush (purple head lavender body LED friendly) - naasfu
19. Dirty Bubble Yum (faux metal head pink body) -
20. Harlot Red (red head black body) - hwood34

This doesn't account for PMs or errors on my part.


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