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Cherry MX2A RGB Black Switch Review


Hey all,

Who would have ever thought we'd have not one, but two different major switches getting revamped in the same month? To not draw this out any longer because this review is already quite long in and of itself... I'm happy to debut a review of the Cherry MX2A RGB Black switches - the replacement and upgraded (?) version of the iconic MX-style switch design.

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As always, thank you all for the continued support and readership! I got the chance to connect with a handful of readers at The Keyboard Meetup at Novelkeys last weekend and it was an absolute blast to get to share the collection in person. If you're going to be at the Cannonkeys meetup here in a few weeks, I'll be bringing just as many switches and even more cool stuff as well. Hope to see you there!


Interesting review, while personally this switch seems to be barely an improvement (and would honestly prefer unlubed stuff which is why I'll probably stick to Hyperglides, especially because it will be more expensive) I understand the implications that this might have on the oem scene and for beginners especially cause of the brand name of cherry having stuff like pre lube.

I do feel that cherry is a bit too late when it comes to a redesign, especially with mould changes (same with how I felt about them doing "ergo clears" and "Nixies", but I guess they never needed to improve due to their monopoly, and just want to make sure that competition is kept in check by keeping up with redesigns.

Thank you for providing this information, and I hope this review brings valuable insights to those interested in the Cherry MX2A RGB Black switches


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