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Short Bioshock Infinite Review

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Eth0s I do agree with you but I think the racism has a "point" now, I am not a racist but in 1912 everybody was, he'll my gran was born in 1920 and she is more racist than anyone in that game.


--- Quote from: Sifo on Sun, 31 March 2013, 23:45:51 ---As a fan of the other Bioshocks and Systemshock, I hated Infinite, I have a lot of negativity for it that I can't express. Gameplay was great... but so unexciting. This sums up my opinions.

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--- End quote ---

On the above screen-shot point I have to disagree.  Bioshock is synonymous with a very specific steam punk universe.... Say we have a game called 'Earth' and the setting is a lot like Metro 2033, and then we have a game, called 'Earth War is Coming,' showing a different time-line in the same universe... It's still Earth.  Haven't even played the game yet, and I feel the need to take your observation and smash it with a logic hammer.


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