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Spray Lubing switches - A guide

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@Hipyo I don't have the patience that Leslieanne has, so I will leave it at this:

What you decry as 'elitist' seems more a complaint that someone with vastly more experience in electronics does not agree with the assertions if someone with vastly... less experience. Citing some YouTuber who had a paid interest in clicks as an appeal to authority is a well known argument fallacy, so well know that it's got its own name in rhetoric. Very few of the more experienced people on GH agree that YouTube is a reliable authority, and reasons for this were already given in the link to the brush lube thread.

From what I have read of your posts, you simply don't understand what you're writing about. Totally random interjections about masks and gloves, along with the 'proper procedure'? Masks and gloves are not relevant when using these aerosol cans (eyewear might be prudent however), and there is no 'proper procedure' defined anywhere.

You need to be able to back up your arguments properly, beyond 'random popular guy on YouTube says so' and address the substantive points made by others. Otherwise cries of 'elitist' is nothing more than a petulant demand for respect or recognition.

New people just like to follow what ever new youtuber pops up and does some "life" hacks for views. Guess what he doesn't care what happens to your board so long he gets the views and ad revenue he/she is content. I can't blame the new people since when they search up lubing you get as 3 and 4th result of "HOW TO LUBE YOUR SWITCHES WITH OUT DESOLDERING".

It may work but it may also leave wrong side effects of dust/dirt debree rubbing inside the switch after the lube has evaporated then the bad stuff will happen like getting a scratchy feeling.

I guess informing people of right ways to lube and how to fix the issue is seen as elitisms. I guess the old enthusiast only care about long term feel of our keyboards?

Edit: I have since dabbled more with spray lubing and admit defeat.. the doing the wrong thing but getting the right results part applies here. Don't spray lube.


--- Quote from: Hipyo on Tue, 25 August 2020, 01:45:51 ---I know you guys have significantly more experience, all I am saying is your claims that they ruin switches consistently are completely baseless so acting as if it is ruining peoples keyboards is bogus. Sure it might happen, but it is not as if it is an instant death sentence for your board.
--- End quote ---
I never said it would 100% ruin the board.

Please see the last line of my last post:
It's possible to do everything wrong and still get a positive result, that doesn't make it right or predictive of future outcomes.

--- Quote from: Hipyo on Tue, 25 August 2020, 01:45:51 ---On the topic of it might leave residue that leaves it feeling worse, I would love the evidence for that as well! The solvent does not need to flush anything out if there is nothing that needs to be flushed out in the first place right?
--- End quote ---
You are aware the factory puts some lube in switches right and that solvent is there to break down contaminants and old lubricant so it can be flushed out? Where is all of that going to go? It's not going to evaporate with the solvent.

--- Quote from: Hipyo on Tue, 25 August 2020, 01:45:51 ---Dust and debree will get in your switch if you lubed it by hand as well.

--- End quote ---
You're right,
Dust and debris can get in when you hand lube but by using a brush you remove and push things into places that don't matter. Instead of being in the slider it may get clumped with a bit of extra lube on the underside of the stem where it becomes harmless (which by the way is also part of a lubricants job during application). Where did it wind up when you spray lubed, the contacts?

--- Quote from: Hipyo on Tue, 25 August 2020, 01:45:51 ---Also there is no facts or evidence that it would ruin your board long term, other than a feeling based on experience?

--- End quote ---
Ignore experience at your own peril.

--- Quote from: Hipyo on Tue, 25 August 2020, 01:45:51 ---If someone is enjoying themselves in a hobby we should not gate-keep them. I am not claiming elitism because someone disagrees with my opinion, which I am open to changing if presented with some real facts. I am claiming elitism because of the stance being taken that something is instantly bad because it isn't the standardized practice.
--- End quote ---
No one is gatekeeping, I didn't come over and rip the can from your hand, you're just angry because someone told you "NO."

The inability to identify nuance in this thread is mindblowing. All because people didn't welcome another Youtube video about a quick and dirty keyboard 'life hack' with open arms.


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