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Our new site is now live and ready! < take some time and have a look around, we've added TONS of new updates, information, walk throughs, guides, images and new products...

We are running a launch promo with 10% off. Auto applied to ALL products and custom work at the checkout!

We have 2 in stock and ready to ship (after the Queens Jubiliee weekend)

We have added 7 new EXOTIC Sleeving Styles:
  • TECHFLEX Stainless Steel
  • TECHFLEX Stainless Steel (patina)
  • TECHFLEX Carbon Fibre
  • TECHFLEX Copper
  • TECHFLEX Copper (patina)
  • TECHFLEX Mylar
Here is a break down of what we've worked on / added / updated:

  • NEW Endgame cables
  • NEW LEMO 2C series detachable mechanical keyboard cables
  • NEW Thor Zone Mjolnir custom PSU cables
  • NEW PSU cables (bridged EPS)
  • NEW AND UPDATED Starquad Headphone cables
  • NEW AND UPDATED AKG/ Beyerdynamic Headphone cables
  • NEW AND UPDATED Aux/ mini jack cables
  • NEW LEMO / Weipu Case Hardened and Oil Quench custom cables
  • NEW Audiophile style mechanical keyboard cables

NEW Knowledge hub :
  • How to order USB Cables
  • How to order PSU Cables
  • 550 Colours
  • MDPC-X Colours
  • Exotic Sleeving Examples
  • Double Sleeving Examples
  • Detachable Kit Connectors
  • Cable Terminonlogy
  • Coil Info

NEW Info Tab :
  • Why PEXON?
  • About Us
  • Our Partners & Clients
  • Affiliates
  • Testimonials
  • PSU Cable Pinouts
  • Commissions

Galleries :
  • Audio Cable Gallery
  • Keyboard Cable Gallery
  • PSU Cable Gallery
  • PSU Extension Gallery

There has been a hell of a lot of work in the evenings after fulfilling all of our awesome clients orders. We love every single one of you and we're blown away by your kind words and support every single day

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I like pexon and James is a top lad  :D

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Well, I ordered a pair of sennheiser 600s so I could order a cable for them :)
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