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About Time 80 Reforged

Time 80 was the second design of Fox Lab back in 2017.
It has also become an iconic keyboard design of Fox Lab.
Time80RE kept most of the original weight design.
The clock has become thinner now and has a tempered glass cover.
The front height of the keyboard has greatly reduced for optimizing for comfort.
The ratio between the top and bottom cases has been adjusted for a cleaner side view.

Link to the IC:

Group Buy Information

1. How to order:
GB closed

2. What does a kit include?

The case & weight bundle includes

* Top and bottom cases
* Bottom weight/accessories
* Bottom tempered glass cover
* Rubber sheet under the plate
* Screws and rubber feetThe plate & badge bundle includes

* Plate
* "Time" badge
* LED cover/badgeYou also need:

* Switches
* Keycaps
* Stabs
3. Can I order additional plates and PCBs?
Weight parts cannot be ordered seperately

4. What are the options?

* For the case, you can choose the color from Matte Clear PC, Anodized Black, Anodized Silver, E-White, Powder Coating Sky Blue, Powder Coating Lilac, and Powder Coating Grey. Here is an album of photos of all colors
* For the weight, you can choose the color/material from Anodized Gold Aluminum, Anodized Pink Aluminum, and E-Clear Brass

* For the PCB, you can choose either hot swappable version or the solder version
* For the plate, you can choose either split style or regular style. You can find more information about the split plate design in the IC thread.  Here's an illustration.
* The plate and 'Time' badge are restricted to be the same color from Gold, Pink, Black, White, Gray, Red, and Brass.
* The LED cover are available in Gold, Pink, Black, White, Gray, and Red
5. What's the price?

* A base kit with all aluminum parts: $480+shipping. 4.4% transaction fee and 2% platform charge are included. It equals to $450 plus transaction fees.
* Upgrading the weight material to brass (E-Clear finish): $88
* Upgrading the plate and "Time" badge material to brass (E-Clear finish): $45
6. Timeline and limits
The GB starts whenever the GB post gets an approval. It will open for 7 days unless the number of orders is getting too big.
A soft top limit is 500 kits in total.
The expected lead time is 5 months due to the complexity of manufacturing the small parts.

Minterly's build stream

Build guide and plate files:


yeet, im in :thumb:

opted in for a silver one~

Do we have any pictures for clear PC and brass weights etc?


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