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[GB] GMK Sixes (A reversed Nines!) - GB Finished - All kits will be made

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GMK Sixes is inspired by T0mb3ry's Umka and GMK Nines. It uses the same colors as Nines (N9 and U9) but in reverse, hence the name sixes.  ;)
This project is originally by Xynerorias back in 2019, but he has asked me to complete it on his behalf.

The kits are all by Xynerorias and have been kept in tact to respect his vision for Sixes. Below is the original description from the IC! :)

Base kit:

I stripped down many things from the base kit as many people don't necessarily need everything and having a good looking and really affordable set is always appreciable  ;)

Calc kit:

You standard numpad kit with everything you need for it, including a double 0. But some grump in the discord who's angry at NumLock for some reason (love you Miguel) proposed an R1 "=" key and I so loved it I added it. It really gives that calculator feeling to a separate numpad !

ISO kit:

Now this one is a little special. As you can see it's quite chonky for an ISO kit but let me explain. As most of you know an ISO kit is always struggling to reach MOQ... when it does. But I also wanted to keep the base kit as light as possible. So instead of having a couple keys in a small kit resulting in an Atlantis ISO (thanks Eski), I opted to make a whole UK kit. In this, you get everything you'd need to make a whole, complete UK layout, which may be preferable to some people, instead of a poor little kit who doesn't know where it stands, and is struggling to reach MOQ.

Smol kit:

Your usual kit for your usual smol boards. Whether it is a 40% or an Alice, this should cover it.

Makeup kit:

So you didn't get GMK Nines. First of all, how dare you? And second of all, I got you! These should quench any thirst of accenting you might have.

Space kit:

The U9 ones are 6u, and one is off-centered. The N9 ones 6.25 and 7u. Not much else to say?

Ogre kit:

This is for you beasts rocking your ergo, you're not left in the dark! This should cover pretty much everything and if it doesn't, what are you even typing on?

The Lost Nines:

Ok, so my man makes dope sets, there's no denying that. But when he made GMK Nines he apparently had a beef with some keys, leaving you stranded and alone, full of despair when you wanted to get that sweet set on your unorthodox board or your Alice. But now those lost keys are back, and even better! You can put Nines on your 40%, or even experience a true UK layout. Or just accent those keys in Sixes if that's your thing.

Board renders by Janglad


TGR 910

Keycult's No. 2

Hineybush's HBCP

Dixiemech's Bauer

Vendors and pricing

Vendor direct links will be updated as we go live.
Europe: MyKeyboard.EU
Oceania: DailyClack
America: Mekibo (TX Keyboards)
Asia: ILumkb
America Ergo kit: MKUltraCorp
Canada: DeskHero
UK: protoTypist


The Ergo kit (Ogre kit) is guaranteed to be made, it is being bought out by MKUltra!  :thumb:

Runs 1st of June through 1st of July (01/06 - 01/07)
Expected delivery date is May 2022

If you like Sixes, consider adding this to your profile:

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Amen to Kebab Man.


Dixie would like his kitting options back

Nice set! GLWGB, Emir!


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