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Can I remove LED's by ripping them off?

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So I'm replacing some switches from an old keyboard with ones. However, my new switches do not have a slot for an LED light. If I just rip the LED components off the PCB with pliers so my new switches fit onto the PCB would it cause problems with the circuitry? Attached are pictures for reference.

Assuming you rip them off cleanly, it should be fine? I have a g710 which I yoinked off the leds and still works fine

Alright I'll go for it! Thanks for the help!

If you rip them off with pliers then you likely also damage (rip off) the PCB traces. This may or may not be a problem depending on the  PCB layout and how much of the PCB trace will be damaged. It is safer to de-solder the LEDs. LEDs do not have any important function most of the times.

I would not rip them off and actually use an iron to desolder those off properly.


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