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It looks like the Nokia 3310 is a modern smart phone. The 3390 came out in the late 1990s.


Well, well. Your picture looks exactly like the 3390 that I loved. I also had one in the "Champagne" colored case. They were fantastic, one of mine survived a drop of 10 feet onto concrete with only a gouge in one corner. I still have a couple of them, and some spare batteries. Too bad new network OS makes them obsolete.

Ah, the good old days of typing SMS via that weird T9 input system!


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Tue, 14 September 2021, 17:06:24 ---Norm Macdonald... I cannot even process this news.
You grow up idolizing someone, following their work, watching them change and improve. You think they are gonna be around forever, they are so important that the World could not possible keep turning without them in it. Then one day you wake up and see your idol is completely human, and has done the most human thing ever. RIP Norm, you can never be forgotten for what joy you've brought others and how much you have influenced comedy for the better.

--- End quote ---

I had been aware of Norm since his time on SNL, but I didn't really become a fan until just a few years ago. He quickly became my wife's and my favorite comedian. Just last summer, I listened to his audio book and watched his old sitcom "Norm". He purposely told bad jokes sometimes but made them hilarious just in his delivery. I've just been rewatching all his stuff for the last week. He is one of the few celebrities whose death actually matters to me. RIP Norm.

He even managed to leave behind Easter eggs to make his own death into a joke:


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