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[GB] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

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The first new production XT foam has arrived!

Besides almost everything being an exact reproduction of the original, even with the same type of foam material and similar dark gray color, there were two changes made - one, the removal of the vestigial foam covering part of the attached controller, and two, the pin registration holes were changed from 1/8" to 3/32" to provide an ever so slightly tighter contamination shield for the PCB.

As noted earlier I purchased tooling for the XT foam recently and started taking orders for the foam for delivery later this year.  It's a small batch - not sure if any will be left by the time they arrive in stock.

"As the Brand New Model F Keyboards continue to be mailed out I wanted to share another factory video.  Still time to customize your Brand New Model F Keyboard and order add-on accessories (like the First Aid Kit, extra key sets, etc.) at

This video shows how the inner foam is stamped to create all the super-precise holes for the barrels and top inner assembly tabs.  You can then see a photo of the bottom of the stamping tool (basically sharp metal in the outline of all the barrels etc.), and finally a photo of the finished product.  The machine that evenly applies the stamping pressure is enormous!  You only see a tiny part of the machine in this video."

Top (original) and bottom (new) XT inner foam:

Stumbled on this thread this morning and a few hours later ended up buying in.  Almost forgot about Chyrosran's video about this project.  He is the guy who originally spiked my interest in mechanical keyboards and while my tastes ended up diverging from the "vintage" market, I've always enjoyed homage products with modern convenience taken into consideration.  The blend between QMK and Model F is just a must-have.

Sooooo... Dare I ask how bad is the backlog wait time for these puppies?

Also, thanks for posting that dark-grey & blue on black chassis image above, that solidified my color choices.


--- Quote from: svenge on Fri, 30 July 2021, 11:15:18 ---
Also, thanks for posting that dark-grey & blue on black chassis image above, that solidified my color choices.

--- End quote ---

I ordered another F77 after seeing that image  :) I really liked the colour combination and it reminds me of a Topre keyboard I have.

I have been trying to find similar keycaps compatible with the F77 but no luck.

the solenoid driver looks nothing like the manual, nor does the included cable. and there's an included right angle bracket that looks like it should be good for something. Could you please post pics of how those are intended to be used?




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