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xwhatsit PCB update.

The "103" 10k resistor pack was removed as suggested by pandrew, and 5 10k resistors were added in their place (might be removed for the next revision).  The updated file is attached.  For the engineers out there, are there any errors?  Hopefully the schematic has not changed by mistake if a line was connected incorrectly for example.

Thanks spear for your excellent guide.  I've incorporated it into the project manual!

Everyone - if there's a similar guide for Mac please do share!

Here is a great video and instructional post on someone's trackpoint mod for their Brand New Model F keyboard:

Will Silver Gray ever be a color choice for the Ultra Compact Modern Case F77 Model F Keyboards?

Nope but you can get Regular Gray which is the closest available color.  You can also probably powdercoat the case Silver Gray yourself or at a local shop.

All About Jake:
Loving this keyboard.

I decided to mount a female USC-C connector in the proper place to make a removable cable.  I used a part that I think is intended to relocate the USB port on a drone:
Update: this one I ordered seems to be not available, but a quick search on AliExpress for "HGLRC tuning adapter" shows many more sellers of the same product.

You can find the mounting bracket here:

It works pretty well.    I do have one question regarding the solenoid-- even with tuning the dwell time, the solenoid still misses keystrokes during fast typing.  Is this expected/normal?  I suspect it is, but I wanted to be sure.  The wires in the USB-C kit linked above are pretty thin, but the behavior is the same with the original cable.  Kinda wishing for a larger capacitor on the solenoid driver as to have a bit of a reservoir for fast keystrokes.

Again, love this keyboard.  Thanks Ellipse!


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