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I have owned 10 or so wacom/offbrand tablets in the past 20 years or so. Stick with wacom and or ipad pro 12.9.

offbrand tablets don't have as good of a warranty or customer service and typically just feel cheap. (with the exception of xencelabs)
recently I tried a samsung tablet and returned it almost immediately. I have not tried a surface tablet since the second revision however.

long and short of it

Wacom: blender, photoshop, clip (pc)
ipad pro 12.9: procreate, clip (ios)

since you are creating comics I think that the Pc version of clip would be better in the long run, but there is something to be said about the portability of the ipad.

if you get a cintiq save up for the expensive models. I have the 22 inch 1080p model and regret it nearly every time I use it, but it is still much higher quality than any of the xp-pen, huion, or gaomon tablets I have used.

granola bar enthusiast:
i have used a gaomon s620 before and after upgrading to a used cth 680 it was amazing, despite it being a new grip and area i got a top play in osu in the first 4 hours of gameplay and while this isn't going to be the case for most people, i found it much easier to get used to than gaomon's tablets.

the pen is exponentially thinner and allows you to hold it like you would hold a pencil and while it doesn't have as good of a refresh rate as the S620 it's good enough and you don't notice the lower refresh rate at all.

for drawing, i would recommend one of wacom's tablet's that have screen's but for osu or for basic stuff (like writing out homework, math equations, basic sketches, etc.) their cth series is wonderful


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