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--- Quote from: Vigrith on Thu, 24 November 2016, 20:10:43 ---
--- Quote from: KingRama on Thu, 24 November 2016, 18:40:54 ---Awww awesome! Thanks heaps dude :)

Yeah there should be a tiny gap between the two, jchan should be receiving the first sample next week I think! :)

--- End quote ---

Yea I'd seen he should be getting the sample some time soon, exciting times! Glad to hear there should be a tiny gap, they'll look so good next to each other! Now I just need to decide on colours, always the hardest part!

--- End quote ---

Super excited, very keen to see it all together after staring at it on a screen for so long :)

Yeah, I think they'd look great next to eachother, both high profile :) Colours is definitely the toughest choice to many :P

I have the Ramamania

Looks real nice Rama, might just have to hop in on this one :p

Thanks guys!!

The drop is now open and the M10-A is officially available for sale! :)

Joined the drop!


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