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Unitek K151-L - 1220215 Vintage MX Blacks
« on: Thu, 15 December 2016, 11:59:39 »
Hey guys, thought I'd upload these pictures and typing video of this Unitek K151-L with Vintage MX Blacks.

It's a nice keyboard with a nice thick base and mounting plate both made from metal. One odd thing however, it will not register a keystroke if it is held down for less than 47ms. Makes a little annoying when you're smashing that backspace quickly but I guess it's something you can live with. It only has 6 keyrollover from my testing and is AT-XT switchable. According to the FCC ID this thing is from 1986-05-01, well that's the date that the ID was registered anyway. I'm sure it is old enough to be vintage however. Black feel too heavy for my liking, even more so than mx clears. Would not recommend these to any light handed typists out there.

Here's the imgur album :

Here's the typing video :

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