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[GB] GMK Trüffelschwein (Nov14, 2023 Novelkeys to distribute Trüffelschwein)

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Update: Novelkeys will distribute Trüffelschwein orders from Mech & Co
Please fill out this form:
GMK Trüffelschwein Group Buy
(August 6th - September 4th)
Designer: JPMechLab
Please follow my Instagram for the latest news and updates!Fulfillment Q3 2022

Hello Everyone! Welcome to GMK Trüffelschwein Groupbuy!!
It's been a long time since the start of IC, but it's finally here!!

Kit Pricing (US)
Base - $127 USD
Alternate Mods - $85 USD
Spacebar - $38 USD
Novelties - $53 USD

Deskmats - $20

Rama R1 - $56
Rama Enter - $68

VendorsUS – Mechs & Co
Canada – Deskhero
S.America – Fancy Customs
EU – Candykeys
UK – Prototypist
Korea – Swagkeys
Asia/China – zFrontier
SEA – iLumkb
Oceania/AU – Daily Clack

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Artkey Universe - Artisan
Asero Foundry - Artisan
Rama - Artisan
LastPadawan - Deskmat
Melonkeys - Artisan
NerdCables - Custom Cables

Base Kit

Alternate Mods Kit

Spacebar Kit

Novelties & Artisan

Rama Artisan

Trüffelschwein Crayon

Custom Checkered

Custom Plaid Stitching PatternTo add a little warmth to the winter truffle season!

ColorsRAL 5004 is called "Black Blue"
A very dark shade of blue, same as GMK Sumi

Renders on EnDash

Renders on Austin

Renders on Frog (Alt Mods)
(Special Thanks to ThiccWicc, such an amazing person!)

Previous Renders

Asero Foundry**Raffle Ended**
Melonkeys**Raffle - September 22, 2021**

Artkey Universe**Raffle - October 15, 2021**

Approved :thumb:

yes! been waiting for this one! super psyched for my first GB

Been watching this one as a lurker for a while. Excited, and curious to see the Asero artisan and nerdcable collab too!
Is there an ETA on those and quantity?


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