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cw80/60 by

➊ intro

This project exists as a piece of referential design and an amalgamation of features from my favorite custom keyboards (namely the OTD Koala + TGR Jane V2), condensed into my two preferred layouts. The principle aim was to merge these classic design elements with modern features and provide a level of modularity and customization to suit the end users typing preferences. This includes an individualized injection-molded gasket mount, seamless enclosure design and hidden cable routing amongst a bevy of other features.

➋ details
88 (F13) - WKL, WK
87 (F12) - WKL, WK
60 - WKL, WK, HHKB
►Colors: Grey, Wine, Pink, Lilac
►Typing angle: 5į
►Materials: 6063 Anodized aluminum body, brass internal weight, stainless steel accent weight
►Mount: Proprietary injection molded gasket
►Hardware: M3, M4 Hex
►Front height: 18mm
►Unbuilt Weight: Approx 5.8lbs (TKL), 3.5lbs (60)
►PCB: Hineybush H88, H87, H60 + Unified Daughterboard
►Includes: Hard-case, microfiber, QR assembly guide, MDPC-X JST, 60A stock gasket + polycarbonate full plate
►Price: $490 - $605

Projected Groupbuy sale date: December 7th (TKL), December 14th (60%)

(Note: No renders are utilized, pictures are taken in varying degrees of diffused natural sunlight to give the buyer an accurate idea of production anodization.)

CW80 Gallery
CW60 Gallery

Skunkworxxx (LE):

►Art by EURA
►Black anodization
►Matte PVD stainless steel internal weight, accent weight
►Discrete laser engraving + numbering

➌ quantities

(Note: As a Discord specific presale has taken place in mid-August, production of all boards has already begun in order to expedite the production window. The true final count of each layout are listed to the right of each available quantity. All units unaccounted for will be sold as in-stock items post fulfillment.)

88/87: 86 (500 Total)
60: 342 (500 Total)

Skunkworxxx (LE)
88/87: 32 (200 Total)
60: 62 (100 Total)

➍ typing tests

Additional typing tests:
Alexotos - JWICK (87)
YEFFY - Nixies (60)
Aerysten - Vintage MX Black (88)
Aerysten - Zykos (60)
xinxinwong - Black Ink (88)
Cobertt - NK Creams (88)
Relapse - Nylon JWK (80)
Relapse - Zykos (60)

➎ add-ons:

As modularity is an important part of this project, I'm offering a handful of easily swappable pieces as selected by my Discord community. All items ship inside the top pocket of the included hard-case with no additional shipping charge. Following the completion of your board purchase, add-ons will be made in a separate order and the two will be merged together for streamlined fulfillment.

Groupbuy add-ons: Polycarbonate plate (Full/Half), aluminum plate (Full/Half), brushed stainless steel bottom plate, matte carbon-fiber bottom plate, additional gaskets (60A/40A/20A), additional PCBs

Post-groupbuy add-ons: Additional plate types(Fr4/POM/Polypropylene), plateless adapter, alternate weights with different engravings (EURA collaboration), fixed cable accent piece (Coaxius collaboration), different contrast bottom plates, wrist-rests, desk mat.

➏ production + fulfillment

All units are produced and finished by Dadesin (DDS) and fulfilled by a Shenzhen based fulfillment center in order to avoid sea freight. If COVID restrictions permit, our team will QC and SKU all components collaboratively alongside DDS to ensure a rigorous quality standard before they are packed. In the event that travel limitations have not been lifted by the end of the production window a third-party, hobby savvy control team will ensure our quality standards are met and your order arrives accurately from Shenzhen.

Production has been prepaid for the entirety of this project via a private presale and my own personal investment. As of the day of this posting (11/12) production has been under way on all non-variable components (case bottoms, weights, bottom panels) for the better half of two months. Fulfillment will be split up into multiple sequences as described below:

(Note: Despite all steps being taken to mitigate production, there's always a potential for delay as with any groupbuy.)

Sequence One: Presale units + first groupbuy orders - Mid-April/Early May
Sequence Two: Extras + In Stock following groupbuy fulfillment

➐ project log

All logs and significant updates will be posted within this format to ensure transparency:

Update No. 1 - Refinements and Revisions (August 19th, 2021)
Update No. 2 - Production Photos (November 9th, 2021)


Can I buy more than one board?
Yes. As the TKL and 60 groupbuys occur on differing dates, I consider these two separate purchases and allow for one TKL and one 60. For fulfillment sake I cannot combine two boards into the same shipment.

Will plate files be made public?

Can I get _ feature/color/finishing/engravings?
Beyond what is listed youíre free to contact me for commission services, otherwise no.

Whatís with your name?
This is a moniker Iíve used throughout various creative endeavors. Thereís no deeper meaning.

This looks like _, this is a clone!
Call it what you want, Iím indifferent to rectangle politics.

Will there be an R2?
No. While making this has been a blast, I'm quite eager to introduce other projects I'm working on.

What happened to the polycarbonate version of this project?
As some might remember this started out some time ago as a polycarbonate project with a much simpler case design. Unhappy with my previous manufacturers QC and communication I used this opportunity to redesign this entirely to integrate a bunch of features while retaining the same case shape and mounting style. I plan on revisiting polycarbonate in the future, though no official date has been set.

Why is this expensive?
This is understandably one of the most asked questions since starting this project. From a fabrication and logistics perspective this project utilizes a generous amount of stock material, a relatively low unit count when considering there are three different models offered, complex internal machining, a very competent manufacturer, a secondary manufacturing process for the mounting style and a fulfillment process responsible for 35 different SKU variations.

♥ special thanks ♥

My awesome rep, Coaxius Cables, Hineybush, EURA, the local NYC community (it was sick meeting a lot of you), Puddsy, Grimm, Vephix, Birckenthot, hell, filledtypes, chunk, Alexotos, Relapse, YEFFY, Aerysten, liberator, yui, Cobertt, IOVERCALLHISTIOCYTES, Ninjapirate, Taicho, Lau, anybody who bought an FNF unit from me and the entirety of my very awesome Discord community.

Youíve all contributed to this project in some way - be it moderation, critical feedback, community insight, motivation or just being a generally awesome person.


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Very lit  :thumb:

whew that skunkworxxx looks incredible

Been tracking these boards for a while and comparing them to other high end keyboards. Letís just say I finally found my endgame.


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