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[GB] Synovia - WKL TKL with Y2K aesthetics [GB Ended, MOQ met]

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Watch video for the sick amens
right proper junglist banger


Ultra-Luxury Tenkeyless Keyboard echoing the designs of the early 2000's
Demoscene, Drum and Bass, Frosted tips, Silver tracksuits, Fisheye lenses

Intense shapes created by 5-axis machining. Stainless Steel plate mounted with Silicone Dampers provides clacky sound, soft typing comfort and bounce

The entire keyboard is painstakingly machined from 6063 Aluminium and the through-weight is Sandblasted Stainless Steel

BAIONBOLT innovates with no visible exterior screws without the common downsides

Synovia comes with a themed Deskmat and Carrying case
Quick info
Price: 680 USD
Starts at November 7 and ends at December 7

10:00 EET
00:00 PST
16:00 SGT


International shipping by DHL


Not content with the way exterior screws are commonly hidden, Baionlenja created Synovia to prove that there is room to innovate and improve in custom keyboards.
Some believe there are no more ways left to create unique keyboard designs.
I took that personally.

This is just the beginning.

Synovia's construction includes the eye-catching front and rear ledges that run along the width of the keyboard. Inheriting the top and side bezel ratio of Bias, Synovia is timeless.
Every centimeter filled with attention to detail. Perfect chamfers and smoothly rounded edges not only look great, but feel great to the touch.

The interior remains as intricate as any Baionlenja keyboard. Interesting machining details and optimizations catered to please the most dedicated keyboard enthusiast.
I can't wait for you to explore and learn how I managed to hide the screws.
The BAIONWAVE has been smoothed out and altered to allow more internal room for acoustics. Maximizing the cherry clack.


The most underrated plate material. Baionlenja designed Synovia to subvert expectations by optimizing it for a Stainless Steel Plate.

Synovia's plate is mounted using Baionlenja's custom silicone dampers.
Easily snapping onto the plate, these dampers make plate alignment a thing of history.
Synovia includes two different softness of dampers for ultimate customizability.

Typing angle of 7 degrees and front height of 17.5mm.
Ccombined with the Silicone Damper mount, Synovia offers Steel Plate comfort like no other.

BAIONBOLT SYSTEM tilts the screws and conceals them within the otherwise wasted space within the keyboard.
This innovation makes filing switches to assemble the keyboard a thing of the past.
Additionally no custom PCB is required and M3 screws are used for their durability.


Gary Of Light (Silver)

Gary Of Darkness (Dark Grey)

Decay (Purple)

Vomit (Acid Green)

Blue (Blue)


Items included in the preorder

Synovia keyboard case
Stainless steel plate
Baion-808 PCB with USB-C daughterboard
Two sets of silicone dampers with different softnesses
PCB film
Carrying case
Genetic Disc

Optional Addons

Extra Stainless Steel Plate - 60usd
Aluminium Plate - 50usd
Polycarbonate Plate - 50usd
Copper Plate - 80usd
Extra PCB + Daughterboard - 50usd
Extra Misc Kit - 20usd

Price and delivery

680usd + Shipping
Estimated Delivery Q4 2023 or earlier
International Shipping by DHL (50usd)

Sales format

Starts 7th of November
First come first serve, limited units available, precise times up on the quick info section
Orders and order changes open for all items not sold out until Dec. 7th
This keyboard will be retired after this sale
There will be no additional reruns
MOQ = 1
Maximum units = 400

Customer Satisfaction

14 Day Free Returns
2 Year Global Warranty
Cancel pre-order anytime with no questions asked
Spare parts and plate files will be available
EU buyers don't need to pay any VAT on top of the price. I'm paying the difference from my own pocket, you're welcome  :cool:
PCB supports ISO, and ISO plate files will be released


Frequent updates in Geekhack and Baionlenja Discord
Join the official Discord Server for sneak peeks of new projects and more

More Renders

IRL Photos

Join the biomass

Typing test
Steel plate, Cherry MX Blacks lubed with 3204, no PCB film or any other mods

More pictures

Included Deskmat

Needs more beige for Y2k

Iso support?

Decay is an amazing colour


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