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“Die Mathematik ist es, die uns vor dem Trug der Sinne schützt und uns den Unterschied zwischen Schein und Wahrheit kennen lehrt.” ― Leonhard Euler


With my love for math and respect for Leonhard Euler, as well as my passion for Mechanical Keyboard, I combined ideas and designed the GMK Euler Keycap set. Colors are coordinated to create shades like a chalkboard, which is familiar to math learners with its gray-related color scheme. GMK CR and GMK WS1 are colors combo for Modifier Keys. With Alpha Keys I use RAL 9017 in combination with GMK WS1 to create a different feeling compared to Modifier Keys but still have a connection with the main tone. Finally, a few Accent Keys with a combination of RAL 9022 and GMK WS1 representing the chalks while still taking advantage of the GMK’s biggest advantage is the fact that the Legend's color is brighter than the Base color with Double Shot technology.

Original Interest Check

Instagram: @iamtienng
Discord: iamtienng#3485

US: Captus Keycaps
UK: Proto[Typist]
OCE: Daily Clack Deskmat on Daily Clack
Canada: DESK[H]ERO Deskmat on DESK[H]ERO
Asia: kibou Deskmat on kibou
Korea: Swagkeys
China: zFrontier

Group Buy Date
From December 28, 2022 to January 28, 2022.
Estimated Fulfillment Time: Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

Products Information
Manufacturer: GMK
Profile: Cherry 1-1-2-3-4-4
Colors: 2 Custom Colors, 2 GMK Stock Colors

Pricing (Price will be updated)
MoreBase Kit
Captus Keycaps: $129.99 w/o taxes
Proto[Typist]: £108.33 w/o taxes
Daily Clack: A$212
kibou: HK$1050
Swagkeys: ₩188000
zFrontier: ¥999 €145

Spacebars Kit
Captus Keycaps: $25.99 w/o taxes
Proto[Typist]: £21.67 w/o taxes
Daily Clack: A$78
kibou: HK$255
Swagkeys: ₩38000
zFrontier: ¥219 €31

Novelties Kit
Captus Keycaps: $47.99 w/o taxes
Proto[Typist]: £40.00 w/o taxes
Daily Clack: A$42
kibou: HK$425
Swagkeys: ₩69000
zFrontier: ¥389 €55

GMK Euler & HIBI — Icosahedron
Captus Keycaps: $52 w/o taxes
Proto[Typist]: £43.33 w/o taxes
Daily Clack: A$85
kibou: HK$405
Swagkeys: ₩75000
zFrontier: ¥399 €59

Deskmat - Mathematik
Captus Keycaps: $20 w/o taxes
Proto[Typist]: £16.67 w/o taxes
Daily Clack: A$34
kibou: HK$160
Swagkeys: ₩28000
zFrontier: ¥139 €22


[Base Kit]

Regarding the Base Kit, I was too greedy to wish it could cover as much as it could with 1.5u Code keys for Mac user, 40s support, HHKB, 660, ISO and Alice layout support with several additional keys. Of course, Base Kit will also support common layouts like ANSI, WKL TKL, 65%/75% and Numpad.
About Cadet Sublegends: I got approval to use Cadet Sublegends from Oblotzky.
Disclaimer: The Cadet Sublegends in Renders may not be the same as the actual product, the final product will be the same as GMK Space Cadet.



If you need further support the layout like true HHKB that needs 6C spacebar key, you can choose to support us with Spacebars Kit. The Spacebars Kit even supports two 3C spacebar keys for splitting spacebar and all the spacebar keys in the Base Kit but with accent color.


Novelties are constituted by Euler's two most famous constants. The first one is γ (gamma) called Euler's constant (sometimes also called the Euler–Mascheroni constant), which is defined as the limiting difference between the harmonic series and the natural logarithm. The second constant e, Euler's number, is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 2.71828 which can be characterized in many ways. It is the base of the natural logarithms. With a key with a length of 2.25u, I dedicate it to show Euler’s Identity: 'The Most Beautiful Equation'. At last, to turn ideas into keycaps in a better way, I choose Euler characteristic for side and special keys. It is a topological invariant, a number that describes a topological space's shape or structure regardless of the way it is bent. The polyhedral in novelties are Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron and Dodecahedron.



To talk about Deskmat, it has also gone through a lot of difficult stages to be able to come to the current design. Except for the two drawings at the left and right parts of the design area, all the writing as well as the mathematical equations shown are completely handwritten without using any built fonts.


[GMK Euler & HIBI — Icosahedron]

Finish                  Icosahedron            Profile          SizeBlack AnodizingGray AnodizingR11u


Last but not least, in collaboration with HIBI, Kate made my idea of a three-dimensional representation of the Icosahedron perfect on their artisan. The GMK Euler & HIBI — Icosahedron is made up of two separate parts, the Base part includes the MX Mount and is anodized in GMK CR. The Icosahedron part is decoupled and anodized in RAL 9022.


FLX Virgo by Flex


Werk One by Zaum


F2-84 by Geon






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Seunghyun Lee:
"I'm in"

In for several base kits.

Due to technical reasons, some vendors will take some time to prepare the product page. I'll update when they're ready.

"B-Euler?".... "B-Euler?"........."B-Euler?" ;D


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