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[GB] SP-111 Round 2 : Return of the King (of splits) - Ready to ship to vendors

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Round 2

Whats new?

The wait is finally over for the return of the king of splits! Over the past few years I have spent time modifying the design, and modifying those design changes again and again until I finally got to the point I was happy. The new changes include:

  • Shorter board height.
  • Different feet that also reduce height even further.
  • Added a screw for the bezel below the F-row to help keep bowed plate/PCB assemblies sitting flat/flush.
  • Small updates all over the board (like radii, thickness and spacing) to improve upon the round 1 board.
  • MCU's on both left and right PCBs.
  • RGB Indicators with polycarbonate light pipe.

  • Important note: Plates and PCBs from round 1 WILL NOT work in the round 2 case. Plates from round 2 will work in round 1 cases without issue. PCBs from round 2 have the RGB LED indicators, so they can work in round 1 with custom light pipes or if you don't use the indicator lights at all by disabling in firmware (can use them with the indicators but the light bleed might be an issue you don't want to deal with).

What does the name mean?

The name has a lot of meanings that you may not even realize.
  • SP: Split, Southpaw, Special. 3 meanings tied to the 3 ones in the name.
  • 111: The numbers from my username. Original meaning for the numbers in my username is my b-day, November 1st, so I had to incorporate it somehow.
  • 111: There is a layout that has exactly 111 switches to tie it all together again.

Why is this board laid out like it is?

  • Southpaw to allow you to use the numpad and mouse at the same time (helpful for CAD and other data entry)
  • Split to allow placement in a comfortable manner for long sessions of data entry or work in general.
  • Right side layout to maintain the functionality of a full size in a much more compact manner. Hence the 1800 style arrows and vertical nav.

What mounting style is it?

  • Sandwich mount, with the plate visible around the edges and locating tabs for alignment on top and bottom. (meaning even without screws, the top, plate, and bottom all locate onto each other and help with alignment)

What are the specs?

  • Board has a typing angle of 7 degrees (no tenting ability built into the case)
  • Left side weights 1.27 Kg (2.80 lb) and the right side weights 1.11 Kg (2.45 lb). This is without pcbs, switches or caps, and there are no weights, just case and plate.
  • Board interconnect is Type-C.
  • Board connects to the PC via Type-C as well.
  • RGB LED indicators on the left half.
  • 32u4 MCU on both left and right PCBs, left always being the master side.
  • 1.6mm Solder PCB only (hotswap has interference issues that would prevent the option)


  • Mirrored Numpad 2U, and ISO enter/shift are available on the PCB only.

  • And as a side note, you can mix and match the bottom row options, they don't have to be both the same spacebar size, each side layout is independent of each other and the included plate supports 3U, 2.75U, and 2.25U options on both halves. So if you feel like a 2.25u and 3u you can go for it!


  • US: Space Cables
  • Canada: Ashkeebs
  • OCE: SwitchKeys
  • Europe:
  • UK: proto[Typist]
  • SEA: ilumkb
  • Asia: zFrontier


  • Start: February 3rd @ Noon CST
  • End: March 3rd @ Midnight CST

  • Note: Proxy local times may be different.

  • Shipping estimate of Q3 2023


  • Board: $460
      • MOQ: 100

  • Note: Proxy pricing may vary.

What is included?

  • Board halves
  • Polycarbonate light pipe
  • Black anodized aluminum plates
  • Black PCBs
  • Short type-c to type-c interconnect cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Hardware and feet

Build Stream:

  • Alexotos will be doing a build stream of the lavender prototype on February 3rd.



  • Wine:

  • Lavender:

  • Sea Blue:

  • Gray:


Full album:

  • Feet and side profile


Special Thanks:

  • OneCreativeMind for helping me come up with this board in the beginning and the logo for the board.
  • Marco for the amazing renders.
  • Ragan aka Space Cables for helping prototype and run the buy.
  • keebnewb for making the firmware.

Approved :thumb:



  • US: Space Cables
  • Canada: Ashkeebs
  • OCE: SwitchKeys
  • Europe:
  • UK: proto[Typist]
  • SEA: ilumkb
  • Asia: zFrontier

Missed this the first time, just ordered two.  Pumped.

Is this limited?
Mykeyboard doesn‘t seem to have them online yet.

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