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by TKD
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- Intro
- Unboxing, Building & Typing Sound
- PCB and Layouts
- GB Details
- Vendors
- Social

VERTEX and EQUALZ founded TKD , bring the first project "Cycle7" (Cycle/Recurrence). This is a 70% (FRL) keyboard. Compared to the traditional TKL, this layout omits the function keys row but retains a separate function area and arrow keys. It possesses a sleek shape without losing the practicality that this size offers.

Please see the IC post for more details:

Unboxing, Building & Typing Sound


Build stream:
Sound test:

Sam Pak

Preston's thoughts

Justin Liu

Captain Sterling

Jean-Sebastien Boies


PCB and Layouts

▼ We offer 4 kinds of PCBs: Flex-cut Soldered wire only, Uncut Soldered wire only, Flex-cut hotswap wire only and Flex-cut hotswap wireless.

└ Hotswap

└ Soldered

GB Details

GB start time: 21st July 2023 20:00 EST
GB end time: 22nd August 2023 23:59 EST

This groupbuy will be unlimited.

Shipping date: Q4 2023 (depends on the total numbers)

Colorways and Options

Anodized - Crow

Anodized - Lunar

Anodized - Fog

Anodized - Jasper

Anodized - Void Elf

TKDCoating - Zeal

TKDCoating - Lavender

TKDCoating - Reef

TKDCoating - Sky

TKDCoating - Peach

TKDCoating - Rock

TKDCoating - Cream

▼ Layouts: WK, WKL
▼ PCB: Flex-cut Soldered wire only, Uncut Soldered wire only, Flex-cut hotswap wire only and Flex-cut hotswap wireless
▼ Weight Color: Mirror Polish SS, Gold PVD SS, Gunmetal PVD SS, Black PVD SS, Purple PVD SS, Spectrum PVD SS, Blue PVD SS, Sandblasted SS
▼ Plate: Aluminum, PC, FR4
▼ Price: From $139


North America (other regions not covered by regional vendors) - Click Clack

South East Asia - iLumkb

EU - Eloquent Clicks

South America - Latam Keys

UK - Prototypist

Ukraine - Funkeys

Poland - Funkeys

Malaysia - REBULT

Vietnam - Soigear

Thailand - Aiglatson studio

Indonesia - Kukey studio

Philippines - Zion

OCE - Switchkeys

South Korea - Swagkeys


Join ClickClack’s Discord for latest update, discussion, questions:

Follow ClickClack's IG for other new projects:

Approval bump :thumb: and a quick note

PSA to prospective buyers:
Group Buys are inherently risky endeavors. There is an element of risk involved with collecting payment before the item has been produced and resulting uncertainty during manufacturing / subsequent operations. We urge all GB organizers to consider (and document) these risks, and want to make it clear to all who consider purchasing that these risks are present.

If you are unfamiliar with the Group Buy model, please read this primer - Group Buy FAQ / Buying Guidelines

This PSA is new and will become standard on all Group Buys moving forward. It is not posted on this GB in isolation and is not singling this organizer out in particular as someone to be wary of.
About wireless PCB, we have something update:

1.The wireless mode of the PCB has a delay of 6-8ms in 2.4G/wired mode, while Bluetooth mode has a delay of 10-13ms.

2. The actual battery capacity of the PCB is approximately 4000mAh.

3.To switch to wireless mode, there is a physical switch on the PCB, located close to the Capslock indicator light. However, switching modes requires removing keycaps.

4. Under the wireless mode, the keyboard still includes the internal brass battery covers.

5. In the wireless mode, there are 2 batteries under the battery cover, but in the wired mode, there are two filling foams(shown in Pic) instead of the batteries.

6. The Wireless mode of Cycle7 operates independently with its own driver. Currently, the driver is under development and testing. Our goal is to create a simple and user-friendly experience, similar to VIA/VIAL, to the best of our ability.

Really love this board but I'm not in a position to purchase. Any chance of a R2? If so, do you have an estimate time of when?

Please, also add ISO hotswap support for the R2, and future keebs... 🙏


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