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[IC] Black Nero Marble wrist rest
« on: Thu, 04 January 2024, 09:36:15 »
Dear GeekHack community,

Marble.K is thrilled to unveil our newest marble stone wrist rest in Black Nero.

After receiving numerous requests for such color/pattern, we worked several months to bring it to you.
The Black Nero stands out with its deep black color and distinctive white strips, forming a captivating pattern.

It is crucial to highlight all our wrist rests are made of real genuine stone marble and not “marbled”, “quartz stones” or “engineered stones” which are artificial and made of diverse mix of stone powder, resin and colorants.
Moreover, the manufacturing process is entrusted to artisans based in Taiwan, local to us.
We care to bring high-quality products to this community.

Here is a photo of the marble slab we are using for this first production:

We also have quick photos of our first production batch:

Sizes: 60%, 65%, 65% Exploded, TKL
Shape: Slope of around 4.5 degrees, the top and the sides are polished, the bottom surface is covered by a cork sticker.
Availability: In stock around end of January on
Sales model: In Stock and "Order What You See", as we currently do with our coral marble:
Price: from 75 to 80 USD + shipping

If you do not know Marblek.K, we started making marble stone wrist rests in 2019, in a GB in the Geekhack community.
Since that, we created several marble stone wrist rests and had different collaborations.
We also made a one-off marble keyboard case:

Kindly note, we only sell directly from our website and one reseller partner in Canada, Ashkeebs:

If you have any comment or question, please, let us know!