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Hello!  I use a keyboard a lot for work.  I also am an active hobbyist (watches, cameras, fountain pens, knives, vacuums, goodyear welted boots, stamps, etc...)... but not keyboards, until now.  Last Christmas I got my college-aged son a Steelseries keyboard because he really wanted the LED lightshow on his keyboard as a gamer.   I remember typing on it when he set it up and thinking how nice it was to type on.  Recently I had issues with my Logitech MX membrane keyboard so I replaced it with a Steelseries Apex 7 with blue clicky switches... and down the rabbit-hole my journey began.  I REALLY enjoy typing on a mechanical keyboard.  Until now I have used membrane keyboards most of my long adult life.  Many, many hours of YouTube video later to educate myself... and various typing training websites later... I'm no longer a hunt and peck kind of guy.   

Last night, in a hobbiest frenzy I know all to well, I made the decision to upgrade already.  My order has already shipped:

* KBD8X MKIII - Black anodized
* CNC Machined steel weight
* Gateron Oil King switches
* PBTfans Dolch keycaps
* Top mounted
* Polycarbonate plate
I'm really hoping this is an end-game keyboard for me...

I look forward to participating on this forum.

Looks like a very solid option for full custom keyboard! I bet you're gonna love it.

Welcome to geekhack :)

If there is one thing I know about the hobby, it's that when people say a board is endgame, it usually isn't lol.

Hope you enjoy the keyboard, and it's endgame for you.

That looks great for MKIII!

Well Rhienfo, you called it.  With all the Black Friday deals in market I was wooed into now buying all the parts for my first custom board that I am assembling (but 3rd mechanical keyboard).   I do love the performance and quality of the KBDX8.  The Gateron Oil King switches are soooo smooth and quiet yet thocky. 

Now will have:
- 100% Low profile RGB "gaming" board with clacky clicky blue switches
- TKL (85%?) 6lb. brick with very deep-thocky switches
- Soon to have 65% with nice tactile switched and MT3 key caps

Between the 3 I should have a diverse sample of what is out there.  I guess we'll see how this plays out.


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