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keyboard spreadsheets... anyone else?

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I have a couple keyboard-related text files: boards I would like to own someday, ideas I try (and fail) to make. In any case, not nearly enough to warrant entire spreadsheets, that's HARDCORE! I would probably be deeper into vintage boards, if I were interested in anything tactile... MX is good enough for linear. Never really understood the MX disdain some have for anything but clickies and more pronounced tactiles, might just be too young to "get it" :p Not super close to anyone who's into keyboards, guess your generosity facilitates that, but I don't get to know many people who are too into computer peripherals (or really tech stuff in general) to really care for mechs at all. Gifted a mech to a close friend once, but never talked to any "IRLs" about keyboard stuff beyond surface level stuff like where they might be able to find cheap colorful keycaps like the ones they see on YouTube or whatnot, or which gaming keyboard they should get.
Meetups and the internet are where it's at.


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