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[GB] Digital Rain Artisan - Escape The Matrix - Terra Keycaps


🌌 Dive into the Cyber World with Our Latest Creation: The Digital Rain Metal Artisan Keycap 🌌

Inspired by the iconic Matrix digital rain, this artisan keycap brings a piece of the virtual realm right to your mechanical keyboard. Precision-crafted in black nickel-plated zinc alloy and intricately filled with green and white enamel, it perfectly mimics the mesmerizing flow of digital data.
🔍 Product Details

[*]Material: Black Nickel Plated Zinc Alloy Metal
[*]Finish: Green & White Enamel Fill
[*]Design: Digital Rain
[*]Profile: Cherry Row 1 (Esc Key Row)
[*]Compatibility: Fits Cherry MX style switches (+)

✨ Features

[*]🔢 Transforms your keyboard into a cybernetic wonder
[*]🔢 High-quality black nickel plating with detailed enamel fill
[*]🔢 In stock and ready to teleport into your collection

💷 Pricing

Digital Rain Metal Artisan Keycap - £19.99 Each + FREE GLOBAL TRACKED POSTAGE
🚚 Shipping

[*]Estimated processing time: 1-3 business days
[*]Estimated shipping time: 5-12 days FREE WORLDWIDE TRACKED SHIPPING

🛒 Ordering

Eager to add a cyber dimension to your keyboard? Fill out our Google Form to place your order! We’ll follow up with an invoice and the next steps to make this digital marvel a part of your setup.
Questions or thoughts? Comment below or join our Discord — we're always online and ready to connect.
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Excited to hear your thoughts / feedback!

This would fit my Glitch Keyboard very nicely..


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