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Who knew that when I posted the first Evolv IC four years ago, that project would go on to become such a self-fulfilling prophecy as the board evolved through version after version. I could not be more proud of what I and all those who helped along the way accomplished, so without any futher ado, Evolv is here:

Evolv is a 75% full isolation gasket keyboard, featuring
a 4-key macro column,
a joystick knob,
a lil right shift,
and of course,
the tendrils.

Evolv is available in one of six pre-configured colorways, or you can design your own
(Images are clickable and send you to the corresponding product page)

If our pre-configured colorways are not quite matching your aesthetic, you can mix and match top cases, bottom cases and tendrils to configure your own colorway; making the Evolv uniquely yours.
*All “Design Your Own” Evolvs ship with a standard Anodized Black Aluminum Knob, for further customization, feel free to add a knob of your choice from the Add-Ons & Extras section below.

Quick Facts


75% layout w/ 4-key macro column
F13 Function Row
Optional Joystick Knob
Interchangeable Accent Pieces (The Tendrils)
Two Piece Case Design
ESD & Reverse Current Protection

Case Specs

Case Dimensions: 337 x 120mm
Front Height: 14mm w/o feet, 15mm w/ feet
Back Height: 37mm
Case Angle: 8°
Fully Built Weight: Up to 6.3lbs (Relic)

Unbuilt Weights

PC Top – Alu Bottom: 1.9lbs
PC Top – S.S. Bottom: 4.5lbs
PC Top – Copper bottom: 5lbs
Alu Top – Alu Bottom: 2.2lbs
Alu Top – S.S. Bottom: 4.8lbs
Alu Top – Copper Bottom: 5.3lbs

General Info.

Vendor: Archetype
Pricing: Starting at $372 (All Aluminum)
Lead Time: Approx. Q4 2024
Pre-Order Ends: Feb. 29th, 2024 11:59PM PST


Inspired by the intersection between nature and humanity, Evolv pushes generative algorithms to create a strikingly modern design rooted in traditional aesthetics. Subtle details such as the front lip and custom logo reinforce ideas of hand-crafted precision, while larger features like the joystick knob and the accentuated seam between the top and bottom cases push the board in a more contemporary direction.

From the back, Evolv is unmistakably unique. The tendrils, which have always defined the board have evolved into accent pieces, seamlessly blending into the curves of the board, doing so without compromising critical functionality. The daughterboard and bottom gaskets are all firmly installed in beautifully machined pieces of billet metal, allowing Evolv to function without the tendrils present.

Evolv’s PCB ships with multiple layout options, supporting various preferences with a single universal plate.
Full or Split Backspace
Standard or Stepped Caps Lock
Full or Split Left Shift
Ansi or ISO Enter

Mounting System

Taking queues from boards like the J-series and the Kepler, Evolv sandwiches a plate between two near-continuous gaskets, creating a consistent typing experience that highlights the natural characteristics of your chosen switch.

The Bottom

Skipping on a separate weight, the entire bottom case of Evolv is machined from a single block of dense metal to create a resonance chamber, which when combined with the gaskets and carbon fiber plate, allows those deep thocky low notes we all love so much to shine through. For those that prefer a lighter board, anodized aluminum bottoms are available in three different colors (Red, Black & Gray).

The Tendrils

Interchangeable accent pieces magnetically mounted to the bottom of the board, the tendrils are Evolv’s new take on personalization. Clear and smoked options available during group buy depending on your chosen colorway. We plan to offer multiple colors and styles post delivery so that your Evolv can become uniquely yours.

The Joystick

No corner badges or logos; instead, Evolv features an evolution to the knob: the rotary joystick. With users able to assign macros to five unique positions plus a rotation, it packs more functionality than one can ask for in a small space.

The PCB & Daughter Board

Designed by Gondolindrim, Evolv’s PCB is meant to be simple and elegant. RGB LEDs on the bottom of the PCB illuminate the tendrils from the top, further accentuating their design with a subtle glow. The through-line of traditionalism carries to the optional capslock LED, allowing a windowed cap to shine through when the key is active. The PCB is QMK and VIA compatible and connects via a JST cable to the latest version of the universal daughterboard, the C5. Note: Hotswap PCB will still require soldering for the rotary or joystick encoder.

The Plate

Along the way, Evolv dropped it's initial concept of a perfect algorithmically designed plate, because it turns out the community had already found the light in isolation mounting. Complementing the continuous gaskets, the unique properties of carbon fiber allow low frequency vibrations –in the form of bounce– to enhance an overall firm experience, all in pursuit of tactile & auditory perfection. Plate files will be available post GB for the adventurous, however we advise caution and do not recommend using ultra flexible materials such as (PP, POM & Polycarbonate) as it may cause the PCB to bottom out.

The Gallery

MoreThe colors in shown in renderings are a close representation of what the final product is expected to look like. There are many factors ranging from anodizing chemistry to the device or monitor you are viewing from that may result in slight variation from the renderings to the final product.

The Thank You

Evolv has been a four-year journey, one so many people have been involved in and would not have come to completion without. I cannot thank any of the following people enough:

The Archetype team
James AKB
& Most of all, the buyers of Evolv CE


Updates will be posted on Archetype's Update Log, on Archetype's Discord, as well as below:

[*] 2/21/24: It's here


Q. Do you ship to Brazil, China, or Russia?
A. We will not be shipping directly to Brazil, China, or Russia for group buy, if you are located in one of these countries and would like to join the GB, please use a US Proxy.

Q. When will this be shipping?
A. The current shipping estimate is Q4 2024.

Q. What are the “tendrils”?
A.The tendrils are interchangeable accent feet magnetically mounted to the bottom of the board. Backlit by LEDs to highlight their natural curves to create a subtle glow, they are what make Evolv unique.

Q. What layout limitations are there with Hotswap vs Solderable PCB?
A. All available layout options will be present both on Hotswap and Solderable PCBs.

Q. What does “weight-less” design mean?
A. Evolv does not include an extra weight, instead opting to use the entirety of the bottom case to create heft.

Q. Is there an option to use a standard encoder?
A. Evolv ships with the standard EC11 encoder along with the joystick. With the PCB supporting both options, end-users are free to choose which they’d like to use.

Q. What’s up with the weird right shift?
A. The 1.5u shift and the 12.75u bottom row are a compromise: aesthetically, the arrows line-up allowing Evolv to maintain .25u spacing around every blocker, while functionally, Evolv can fit the fourth key into what is typically a three key column on blocked 75s.

So cool!

Although I probably won't be buying one just at the minute, I did want to say very well done on such a long development and 'get to market' time.  The end result looks amazing and the attention to detail is very noteworthy.  I wish you huge success with this.

Will this be stocked and available to order post-GB or is this GB exclusive?


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