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leopold FC200R

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Pssh. That's what they want you to think.

It'll be EVEN BETTER than Mongolian.


--- Quote from: RiGS;302408 ---No offense, but is it just me or do you also find strange that a guy with 10 posts start a group buy thread with about a grand total value?
Btw Leopold ships internationally.
--- End quote ---

I emailed about international shipping.
This is the reply i got:

"Thanks for your mail.
I'm sorry, but we do not have the product you want.
Now, you want all the products were out of stock.
And we do not do international sales of small quantities.
I am sorry I did not help."

You have to go with Bambi @ the wiki I believe).

Here is my response from her last week:

FC500RR/EB unit price is JPY8980 and EMS cost is JPY4700, total is JPY13680
Paypal payment is acceptable.
If you could accept that, I will send paypal money request to your e-mail address.
When I receive your payment, will send by EMS and advise tracking number.
Please consider it.

Thank you and best regards,


And when I inquired about browns:

This is bambi from Leopold Japan.
Thank you for mail.

We have only FC500R with Cherry red switch.
We have plan to make brown switch version but delivery is not decided.

Thank you and best regards,


Man.. those Leopolds are sooooo common in Korea.. I never knew there was this much of demand

leopold also stock their own white tenkeyless otaku version (for ~$110 AUD) I also managed to get alot of freebies like different coloured key caps and key pullers lol

he said he is also releasing a numpad in white with cherry blues so anyone else dropping by this year could you ask ?

Leopold seem to have a lot of keyboards that aren't listed in their site (in the Korean version) so for anyone they should keep an eye out


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