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Gauging Interest for Noppoo Choc Mini Group Buy

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Price change: $103 to CONUS, $110 to Alaska/Hawaii/Canada, and prices for other countries TBD


Hello all,

I've been in contact with my guy in Hong Kong and he's working on sourcing the Noppoo for as cheap as possible, as well as finding cheap shipping options. We think we've got a good idea of what's going on with shipping and he's trying to work on the manufacturer for lower prices.

What I'm interested is in a Choc Mini group buy. I will try to organize it but bear with me as I have never done this before. So far it looks like I can get the Choc Mini shipped to CONUS for $100, but I will have to find out prices for other countries (if there is any interest for it).

The person who will be sourcing these from the manufacturer is the same person who sells them on eBay, so if you need any references just look there. He's legit. And I can promise you I'm legit reputation here is nil but you're welcome to my eBay rep on request.

Anyway, this thread is just go gauge interest. I'm expecting around 15-20 Choc Minis, but I'd prefer an exact amount so I can let my guy know what we're looking at. Also, there's a good chance we will need to wait for them to be produced, as Noppoo is barely keeping up with demand.

Just comment below and let me know what and how much you'd be interested in from the normal options (Blue, Brown, Black). Thanks!


Current standings:

Pineapples - (Brown x1)
Calavera - (Brown x1)
Parallaxis - (Brown x1)
spdx - (Brown x1, Black x1)
morphine - (Brown x1)
Muftobration - (Blue x1)
n12 - (Blue x1)
drgnfang - (Blue x1)
Slotermeyer - (Blue x1) [Canada]
CeeSa - (Blue x1) [Germany]
vhaarr - (Brown x1) [Norway]
jat4 - (Brown x1) [Finland]
Moneyless - undecided

6 + 5 + 1 + 2
[Brown x7, Blue x5, Black x1, Undecided x2]

If you can guarantee 105 shipped or lower to the states I'd be interested in one. Haven't made up my mind yet as of the switch though. (conflict with the poker I want to order :P)

I can personally guarantee it. I'm leaving some wiggle room ($3) in the final price as quoted to me + my estimated shipping.

Shipping will be whatever is cheapest in the interest of keeping this as cheap as possible. I'll update with price changes whenever I find out. If we can get a large enough order I'm sure the manufacturer will be willing to drop the price a bit.

i m interested in 1 with brown switches

I might be interested in one if enough other people get interested to keep the price low. :biggrin:


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