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Do you guys want free keycaps with lotus flower icon?

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Update 3:

Hello guys, here come the updates (please read carefully)

1. It's unintentionally as stated earlier, I can't afford 150 keys as said, just 20 (sorry about that, I thought it's $0.4/key, turned out $4/key)
2. I'm going to drop the modifier keys, because I need to save it to make keys with another icon on it (hint: if you want some Vietnam flag modifier, speak up!!)
3. So, with only the ESC key left, if you want one, send your vote to 7bit_vote with this "LOTUSESC 1" (without the quotes of course, and please don't vote more than 1)
4. I'll settle the payment with 7bit later, you will get billed for it, but don't worry, just send your total billed amount minus the cost for the LOTUSESC key.

Finally, I haven't been in touch with 7bit cause I know he must has a lot to do, so please don't ask him about this key, ask me, I'll make sure the payment get settled and these keys produced.

Update 2:

This is the lotus graphics on the keycap...

Update 1:

7bit has answered and agreed to make this happen!!!

It's not decided whether it's 1 1x row 1, or 2 1.25x row 4, so please forgive me if the set you want won't make it into production, I need the design to be finalized first.


I will order:

20x keycaps, 1x, row 1, to replace ESC key, or whatever key on first two row of Cherry MX based keyboard.

These keycaps will come as white (WA) with pink lotus flower icon on it (haven't decided on which shade of pink yet)

I will give these keycaps out for anyone who want them, for free, absolute no $$ charged.

However, if 7bit is too busy to distribute them along with your round 3 shipments, you will have to pay the shipping cost.

I live in Vietnam, so I will have to ask someone here, to help me with the shipping out, I'll try to ask for my friends in USA to help with this, too.

I don't have the design just yet, my designer is working on it, I'll update soon with some previews.

But, there's always a catch, and here are some:

1. Please limit to 1 set per person, that means 1 1x key or 2 1.25x keys.
2. If anyone see those keycaps and ask you what it is, please tell them it's the Vietnam national flower, Lotus!!!

Thank you, and please declare your interest here if you feel so.

A free key? Why not? I am definitely interested.

free keys are beast

Interested in 2x1.25 keys.
I love Vietnam ever since I saw the Top Gear Vietnam episode.

Free key caps, can't say no. Count me in for which ever.
Unless the flower has some kind of hidden meaning that I'm not aware of. :P


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