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Radio Active key

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Another key cap with radiation symbol on single spaced key (function row). Color is Yellow on Black.

If you are interested, send a message 7bit_vote

--- Quote ---CHERNOBYL number
--- End quote ---

Thanks 7bit and Fwiffo for  file.

Edit: Price is $3 if 25 keys are produced.

I'm off for holly days until Sunday 20th March 2011!

The vote-system will work without me. Just send your order lists to me, 7bit_vote.

You will get some statistics from time to time.

Don't ask 7bit or me any questions during that time. We will not answer!

There will be no update of payment status. Anybody should keep track of that themselves! It is sufficient to pay when I'm back again.

For questions, please read the first post in the main thread.

Have a lot of fun ...

Btw what colors do you want? YCH on NN (or GX)?

NN - black color
GX - dark gray color (modier color in standard kit)

NN pls

I think NN is better. Even if it does not fit in color scheme of standard kit. But i want to be sure, everyone wants this color.


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