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Double shot blue return

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I'm splitting this from the main double shot thread so it doesn't get lost.

The proposal is for a US Standard shaped Return key ("Enter" on the Filco tenkeyless), white text on blue. Similar to some IBM keyboards.

Since I don't actually have one to compare to, I'm just going to propose using BDH. It seems not too light, not too dark. The other light blue stuff on the list is using BFJ. Opinions on colour? I'm planning to use it on an otherwise black/dark keyboard so both colours would work well. The text would be more visible on the darker blue of course.

If simply voting in with the  code qty # and description will get this moving, then I'm going to use BLUERET, as it seems to be unused at the moment. I'll wait on some feedback on colour though.


Took a couple of pictures but this one, although terribly blurry, appears to be the most color accurate. Blue enter taken from a used Thinkpad, stacked on top of my Filco.

I think BDH is good, BO might be a tad better?

Thanks for the reference. BO does seem to be a closer match. Kind of subtle, but it depends on which pic of the colours samples I'm looking at.

Okay, the vote is in! Hopefully this gets across okay. We'll see when 7bit returns I guess.

Vote for BLUERET if you want in! I've started it off with 3 keys. :)

*crosses fingers that everything will be fine*

I'll take some more pictures with this setup tomorrow, it actually looks really good!

I like it.  Do we have any estimate on cost?  Even a rough one is fine.


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