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Red CTRL Keycap for HHKB

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Looks like the Red CTRL Keycap will be sell by a very short period of time so lets put a group buy in place
Red CTRL Keycap for HHKB

Any help from any HHKB user with previous group buy experience  is more than welcome

Woot - almost USD$400 for a red CTRL keycap..

Anyway, I believe that it is not worth it, and it's only for the first 100 buyers.

Might as well get the coveted Leopold 87U All 45g that is supposedly launching soon - or 2 used HHKB Pro2s - which you can use to dye whatever colour you want.

400 USD where did you see such price? I could not find the price

If you click Buy It Now, it will lead you to a page to buy it.. @ 29,800Yen.

Crazy **** ass pricing.

I remember last time they had a promotion for the Red CTRL keycap it was more like a raffle.
You could purchase the HHKB + Case + something else for the same price as the HHKB itself though - 24,800 Yen.

Man that is the whole keyboard not the keycap. I emailed my Japanese contact an hopefully tomorrow I will post full price


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