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[Group Buy] Interest check on a Pink PLU ML-87 Mx Brown/Black/Blue, lowest price!!!!!

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===============[Picture Update]====================================================
hi all, i just confirmed that the actual color of the ml-87 will be pink on pink like the regular japanese filco:

in the picture it's a full filco keyboard but the plu one will resemble to this in term of color, but will be tenkeyless.
It's not really like the china lotus of the filco below.

Hi all, I got a good offer to buy a lot of Pink PLU ML-87 MX brown black or blue

each one switch has to be at least 20 orders, from the past this is really easy to achieve.

pricing will be less than 75 dollars SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR!!! (Conus), buyer from other place has to pay additional shipping fee.

The catch with Pink PLU ML-87 is that in the beginning they made a first batch of more than 1000 pink ml-87, then they found out that the color tone is really not what they desired, therefore they re produced another batch and the new ones are promising - according to them lolll. And therefore there might be some Pink PLU ML-87 from the bad batch that leaked to the market, however I promise that mine are not from the bad batch.

I know its hard to push an item with out seeing it, and I will try uploading pics as soon as possible, for now just take the Filco Pink as example:

How do these compare to the Ducky 1087?

Good price, enjoy it.


--- Quote from: Astounding;372938 ---How do these compare to the Ducky 1087?
--- End quote ---

these are still PLU ML-87 loll, the ducky 1087 has several advantages over it, for instance a slightly better built quality and detachable usb cable and so on. however the price is a lot more expensive (almost 50% more) so I think both are very outstanding product for the price.


--- Quote from: qtan5370;372941 ---Good price, enjoy it.
--- End quote ---

ha thanks, how you like US so far man? if you ever coming to CO let me know, i'll bring you skiing


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